Microsoft Executive established London Academy Casablanca

Microsoft Executive established London Academy Casablanca

Microsoft Executive established London Academy Casablanca
Microsoft Executive established London Academy Casablanca

Former executive Samir Benmakhlouf launches London Academy Casablanca after he left his position in Microsoft Morocco this May. Mr. Samir is seizing the field of education, way different from his previous world of technological advancement and information technology management.

Located in Bouskoura, the school catering from kindergarten to primary level opened its registration last 8th of May 2017 for the upcoming school year. Offering bilingual courses in Arabic as well as English and solidified by a British program and Int’l. Baccalaureate program, London Academy Casablanca will furthermore present a hybrid pedagogy involving experiential and e-learning. It is also partnering with Arsenal Soccer School.

During a recent media interview, Benmakhlouf, who is very enthusiastic about teamwork and on improving people’s careers and abilities, most especially young talent, stated his belief on education as the investment of the future. The executive turned entrepreneur shares that throughout his fourteen work years for Microsoft and more than 8 years in entrepreneurial business, he constantly envisions innovating and transforming the system of education. He adds that this is grounded in global best practices as well as utilizing technology so that a child is prepared not for the past but for the future trades.

Based on reports, the London Academy Casablanca, a bilingual SMART School supported by the British National Curriculum, will be the only Moroccan school in Casablanca to provide a curriculum in Arabic and English. The desire of Benmakhlouf surpass the borders of Moroccan economic capital. He intends to duplicate LAC’s concept on numerous cities and hopefully up to the continental scale in the future.

With the International Baccalaureate being acknowledged as the world’s prime global education program, the school prepares inquisitive, affectionate young students to build a better world by means of intercultural understanding and respect. Additionally, it provides students with a leading edge toward access to the best universities in the world.

The businessman, who holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Systems as well as a Ph.D. in Industrial Automation and Management from the United States, further stated that London Academy Casablanca will set as a model of an educational transformation.

Accredited by the Ministry of Education in Morocco, the school program will give more emphasis to the pupil and not the teacher. The setting will boost the entrepreneurial spirit as well as volunteerism, laying emphasis that the school will open up students to coding even at a primary level so to prepare the country’s next IT prodigies. Also included in the program are mechanical activities such as robotics and gaming.


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