Mohamed Dekkak and Abderrahim Khaoutem at Future Blockchain Summit Dubai 1

Mohamed Dekkak and Abderrahim Khaoutem at Blockchain Summit

Dubai Welcomes World’s Biggest Blockchain Summit

The biggest cybersecurity summit returns to Dubai – the Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC) is back as it uncovers the latest issues on worldwide cyber threats.

Happening as part of the current year’s GISEC, the Future Blockchain Summit brings speakers from widely acclaimed brands, for example, Tencent, Coca-Cola, Johnson and Johnson, eBay, HSBC, and Lufthansa. Dubai World Trade Center’s Group Marketing Manager Syed Javed, “Government units including Dubai Health Authority, du and Dubai Land Department will all be close by to feature their technologies and utilize cases in the progressive innovation.” He adds, that during the Future Blockchain Summit, du will present guests the opportunity to get their fullest knowledge of the ways a city that runs on the blockchain is and experience the City of the Future.

The Future Blockchain Summit happens from 9am until 6pm, April 2-3, 2019, Tuesday to Wednesday in lobbies 4, 5 and 6 of the Dubai World Trade Center.

The Future Blockchain Summit is the world’s most powerful assembly of blockchain opportunities and a gathering for industry pioneers, government and new tech companies with more than ten thousand guests, and facilitating speakers from widely acclaimed brands. Formally facilitated by Smart Dubai, the administration element in charge of connection services in the city of Dubai, and organized by Dubai World Trade Center. The summit encompasses all blockchain selection over all areas including retail and web based business, transport, health industry, education, hotel and the travel industry, arts, energy, Fintech and banking and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

UAE Businessman Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group states, “The summit is perfect for exploring blockchain use cases, business models, and how to implement it into company our industry operations.”

The most influential Blockchain Summit in the world

Future Blockchain Summit, facilitated by Smart Dubai in organization with the Dubai World Trade Center, will develop global collaborations, show genuine world blockchain use cases for every day and business life, include a real intuitive blockchain experience and open doors in a quickly developing industry that is evaluated to be valued at 20 billion dollars by 2024

Official statement

Dubai’s Future Blockchain Summit, facilitated by the Smart Dubai Office in collaboration with the DWTC, welcomes visitors as it opens the 2nd yearly version of the locale’s most compelling occasion committed to the developing on the web record.

Occurring April 2 and 3 at DWTC, Future Blockchain Summit will have the locale’s biggest social event of blockchain specialists, actualizing blockchain to uncover the innovation, concentrating on the incalculable ways that it is changing ventures and conveying multi-billion dollar opportunities for the universal blockchain industry, which is relied upon to rise at value of 20 bn. US dollars by the year 2024.

The focal point of the Summit is on actual physical usage – conveyed through the top of the line content tracks committed to segments recognized as ready for disturbance by blockchain. Industries such as – land, retail, transportation, logistics health and wellness, and production network, government, education, the travel industry, energy, innovative economies, marketing, and finance.

Uncovering blockchain by live, intuitive and expert exchange

At 2018’s introduction Future Blockchain Summit, 76% of guests conceded going to with the sole reason for endeavoring to comprehend what blockchain is. This 2019, more than 170 speakers will look to demystify and unload the innovation – all within the sight of 65+ presenting new companies, organizations, and governments from over 130 nations.

The Summit will highlight the world’s first ‘City of the Future’ experience of a city based on the blockchain through an exploratory intuitive adventure of a usual life on the blockchain and will have Smart Dubai’s authentic Blockchain Challenge and the PwC coordinated Global Leaders Exchange.

Home to the greatest names in technology and international enterprise

The Summit will have no under six live stages for the conference, which will be home to a large number of the most famous names in innovation. Affirmed worldwide speakers such as Shark Tank and the world’s first Bitcoin Oracle, Vinny Lingham; Global Head of Workplace Rights, Brent Wilton and Coca Cola who propelled a blockchain program with the United States State Department to guarantee Coca Cola’s tremendous production network keeps its human rights approach; Phil Chen – a radical, traveler and tech explorer and the man in charge of the world’s first local Blockchain telephone, Exodus 1, and presently HTC’s Decentralized Chief Officer; and Director of the World Food Program, Abdel Majeed Yahia, who spearheaded a blockchain application to lessen world hunger.

Workshops, committed industry courses, and the Summit’s introduction Asia Forum

Blockchain 101 workshops which are free will be available in both Arabic and English and all through the summit and also workshops on utilizing Design Thinking philosophy to resolve difficulties on the blockchain. The workshops will give a beginner level simple to pursue data on blockchain innovation with a blend of class instruction, unified sessions, and analyzing significant use cases.

Likewise, and out of the blue, Future Blockchain Summit 2019 will have the Asia Forum, uniting different idea pioneers from over the globe to share their perspectives on Asia as a hotbed for blockchain development. Future Blockchain Summit will likewise have the BlockHealth Summit, sorted out by Patiently, meant for the meeting lead on blockchain appropriation in the medicinal services industry.

Blockchain Strategy 2020

The Dubai Blockchain Strategy, commenced by His Highness Sheik Hamdan, is a consequence of cooperation amongst Dubai Future Foundation and the Smart Dubai Office to constantly delve into and assess the most recent innovation developments that show a chance to convey the progressively consistent, proficient, safe and effective urban experience.

Blockchain innovation is another, incredible instrument that is as of now molding the eventual fate of the Internet with straightforward, reliable and secure exchanges. The Dubai Blockchain Strategy will enable the city to accomplish the vision of His Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to make the eventual fate of the city, and make Dubai the most joyful city on earth.

Blockchain Strategy: The Three Pillars

  1. Government Efficiency

Dubai Blockchain strategy’s principal pillar is Government Efficiency. In this pillar, the new procedure will add to expanded government productivity by empowering a paperless computerized layer for all transactions in Dubai, supporting Smart Dubai’s activities in the general population and private segment.

The necessary documents, for example, visa applications, billing payments and renewal of licenses, which represent more than a hundred million reports every year, will be executed through a new digital system.

  1. Industry Creation

The second pillar is what we call Industry Creation. The Dubai Blockchain Strategy will present a framework for empowering residents and affiliates to make new organizations utilizing innovation.

Under the new methodology, Blockchain will empower a huge number of business openings in the private segment. Enterprises that will profit by Blockchain innovation include the realty industry, health and wellness sector, financing, transport, smart energy, city planning, the travel industry, and digital marketing.

  1. Leadership

The third pillar of the Dubai Blockchain Strategy is International Leadership. In accordance with the 3rd pillar, Dubai will open its Blockchain stage for worldwide partners to improve wellbeing, security, comfort for global voyagers to Dubai.

Under the new system, global voyagers will profit by quicker section with pre-endorsed identification and trusted status and visas; simpler portability inside in the city because of affirmed driver’s licenses and vehicle rental.

Global Leaders Exchange

There is little uncertainty that blockchain innovation can possibly change the idea of private enterprise by presenting more trust, proficiency, straightforwardness and precise record to ordinary exchanges.

Be that as it may, before this can occur, challenges must be defeated to permit evidence of idea activities to advance to full usage.

These difficulties extend from specialized, to organizational, to administrative – and are complicated in nature.

The Summit’s The Global Leaders Exchange is a yearly closed-door round-table discourse for senior government and business authorities concentrated on creating working structures which empower execution of the innovation.

In 2018 the emphasis was ‘Accelerating Blockchain’ with key topics on interoperability, education, partnership as well as ways government can influence changes.

In 2019 the Global Leaders Exchange comes back to build up the ideas laid out in the 2018 Whitepaper.

BlockHealth Summit

The health and wellness sector is teeming in the information that is vigorously divided over the healthcare environment, which influences the proficient conveyance of medicinal services administrations and research for all partners – patients, insurance, suppliers, pharmaceuticals. Blockchain can possibly tackle for these wasteful aspects as it empowers arrangements with expanded security, trust, and tracking required to oversee exceptionally delicate information. The guarantee of blockchain to change medicinal services has prompted developing worldwide intrigue.

The Patientory Association is facilitating its second yearly blockchain health services summit – BlockHealth Summit at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai from April 1-3, 2019 at the Dubai World Trade Center. Visitors can learn straightforwardly from industry specialists about this transformative innovation and investigate its capability to change the ecosystem of healthcare.

UAE Cyber Threats

Email malware continuous to be a risk in the nation, with one out of 183 e-mails holding a malicious link or attachments — around twofold the worldwide average— as per yearly Internet Security Threat Report of Symantec.

In spite of the fact that ransomware (noxious programming that prevents access to a framework until the total amount of cash is paid) and crypto jacking (unapproved utilization of another person’s PC to mine cryptocurrency) declined a year ago, as indicated by the Symantec report, there is a somewhat new danger around the local area: from jacking. “Formjacking is the new strategy for black hats to smell information,” says Satsangi. “At the point when clients visiting an e-retailer click submit in the wake of filling in their subtleties, the submit structure executes a pernicious code that has been infused by the programmers to have the capacity to sniff and get all entered information, which as a rule is credit card information and individual data, for example, personal residence.”

Transformative Blockchain Solutions of Lenovo DCG Presented at Future Blockchain Summit 2019

In partnership with Intel and Nutanix, Lenovo reveals its most recent blockchain advancements at the premier event of the industry.

Public statement

A worldwide innovation pioneer, Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG), today declared their first interest at The Future Blockchain Summit 2019, the most compelling blockchain event of the region, happening at the Dubai World Trade Center. On the two-day event, Lenovo DCG will be exhibiting a portion of the organization’s most recent blockchain arrangements, just as its project pipeline, in association with Nutanix and Intel.

Lenovo DCG Middle East’s General Manager, Dr. Chris Cooper, expressed “We are exceptionally satisfied to take part for the first time in the Future Blockchain Summit to exhibit our ongoing achievements in blockchain innovation. Our goal is to convey solutions that will empower organizations and associations the capacity to streamline their business procedure with computerized “Trust” that will upgrade their business profitability and development.”  Mr. Cooper trust that this will emphatically fuel the digital change coming to fruition in the Middle East.

Nutanix and Lenovo, as of late acquainted their first blockchain venture with the international market. Now displayed at the Future Blockchain Summit, this undertaking is built-in on the Lenovo ThinkAgile HX7820 Appliance program and operates on the Nutanix Acropolis virtualization program on top of Intel Xeon Skylake processors.

“There is a requirement for advanced AI-driven data as blockchain selection rises in the locale and increasingly total and basic information is put away in appropriated records.” Said Dr. John O’Shea, Lenovo Global Blockchain AI, and IoT Solution Leader. “Our distinct collaboration with Nutanix and Intel is opening the advantages of blockchain in an incorporated environment of supporting capacities. It likewise will enable our customers to effectively execute very intricate blockchain ventures that address the issues of their central goal basic remaining tasks at hand.”

The partaking comes following Lenovo DCG’s latest executed design of another blockchain program for Azerbaijan’s Central Bank. The venture shapes some portion of the administration’s 5-year-plan for the nation’s computerized change. This venture has prompted the improvement of an advanced id system that will be utilized by legislative offices and business banks in the country.

Having attended the event, Mohamed Dekkak shares, “If anyone wishes to learn more about blockchain’s future, investing in startups, increasing security, crypto assets, as well as participating in networking events and expert meet and greets, attending the Future Blockchain Summit is a great idea.”

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