Mohamed Dekkak at Amanhavis Restaurant

Mohamed Dekkak at Amanhavis Restaurant

Experience Spain’s Amanhavis Hotel & Restaurant

Situated far in the Province of Malaga, Spain is the Moorish mountain village of Benahavis.

For travelers looking for basic lodging, budget or luxury hotels, the town of Benahavis holds a wide selection of accommodation types with plenty of facilities that sit in and out of the area. A number of hotels offer a relaxing holiday stay for foodie adventurers and golf enthusiasts with comfortable access to excellent restaurants and impressive golf courses.

Set in the well-preserved Andalusian village of Benahavis is the Hotel Amanhavis. If you want to get a real feel of being really far and still get the homey vibe, keep this accommodation in mind. The site near the ocean, giving its guests a piece of heaven and serenity with a touch of elegance as its only minutes away and a few kilometers away from the world-class resorts of Marbella and Puerto Banus. It is also easily accessible to the Marbella golf club.

What also makes this space unique is the original building. If you appreciate history and classical structures, Amanhavis Hotel will not disappoint. It is put up in the original historic building featuring castle-like towers, remarkable rooftop terraces, an open-air pool with palm trees.

Although the hotel offers a standard set of a typical hotel room, there is definitely nothing standard about their rooms. With keen attention to detail, the spacious rooms are in particular plays with the theme of evolving Spanish history. Elegant but comfortable, the property’s indoor and outdoor features will definitely provide that relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Dining experience at Amanhavis

The hotel also features a restaurant which is a great spot itself. The setting is just like being a warm, comfortable living room waiting for a special family meal. It is a rustic, stylish restaurant that specializes in delicious Andalusian cuisine.

Every day, their chef goes out to local markets, buys fresh produce that is in season, and make 6 daily menus. Thus, diners can select from 6 starters, 8 main courses, and 4 desserts.

The Amanhavis hotel is located in Benahavis, a town of Arab origin located in the mountains. It is a rustic hotel, small but very elegant, full of joy, where you will find a distinguished service and where you will always be warmly welcomed. In Amanhavis you will discover a really Andalusian atmosphere. Far from home? It does not matter, in Amanhavis you will feel as if you have not left. Thanks to a pleasant climate that has at least 320 days of sunshine a year, tourists can enjoy beautiful landscapes of the Andalusian villages removed on the green slopes of the mountains. The famous Puerto Banús and Marbella are only a few kilometers away, A few minutes from Amanhavis. Enjoy and relax in the beautiful mountains of Amanhavis.

Amanhavis is an open book about the most relevant history of Andalusia. This is what its owner, the German Burkhard Weber, a great passion for this land and its protagonists, who have turned a building with more than five centuries of history into a truly original project. The hotel with the terracotta facade and covered with Arabic tile and wood is distributed in three heights. It is made up of nine themed suites, which are a real adventure: the rooms of the Catholic Monarchs, the study of the philosopher, the room of King Boabdil with its Moorish tower, the cabin of Christopher Columbus. What began as a garden restaurant today is a hotel-museum in the center of Benahavís to enjoy a dream night. The details of each room are innumerable, such as the thief suite’s hideout that keeps the jewels stolen by the bandits, or the glass vault of the astronomer’s observatory. The hotel facilities are completed with a restaurant and a small pool.

Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, Mohamed Dekkak, visited Amanhavis Hotel & Restaurant during his recent travel to Spain.



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