Mohamed Dekkak at Royal Mansour Marrakech 3

Mohamed Dekkak at Royal Mansour Marrakech


Experience the modern day royalty at Royal Mansour, Marrakech. Royal Mansour, nestled inside Marrakech’s old city, is a sanctuary of classy Riads. Marrakech is a city divided into halves, the old town, defined by unique orange clay city, and the new city that’s expanding fast.

Royal Mansour is more than perfect for a relaxed holiday, a sweet escape or quiet family getaway. The hotel offered me an incredible set of amenities and fun activities that are in absolute harmony with its guest. I, sometimes have to pinch myself to ensure I’m not dreaming. It is a real privilege to be here.

Royal Mansour is an extraordinary experience and one of the true jewels in Marrakech tourism. Bespoke design is at the heart of the Royal Mansour, cleverly designed with subtle influences from Morocco’s rich and artistic heritage.

An enduring symbol of exceptional and promising hospitality made me feel I’m home in a City of sophisticated haven that is all set to deliver on the new levels of refinement and innovation with a discernible, and discerning, Morocco’s touch.

This is one of my memorable experience that will last a lifetime, an unforgettable holiday simply turned into a moment of magic.

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