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Mohamed Dekkak at the opening ceremony of Yan & one Marrakech


The revolution in the world of beauty, cosmetics, and well-being in Morocco, which risks carrying the Moroccan signature beyond borders. Salwa Akhannouch, one of the most powerful women in the Arab world, has just launched her brand, Yan & One in Marrakech, an imprint that anchors (even more) ancestral beauty rituals in Morocco and all local products.

YAN & ONE is exceptional international quality at prices accessible to all to guarantee access to the best for all consumers. It was an event not to be missed. Thursday, September 17, Mohamed Dekkak and other stars, artists, influential personalities from Morocco, and outside of Morocco, were present for the opening night of the first Smart Beauty Store in the world, created by Salwa Akhannouch to welcome its brand Yan & One, a 100% Moroccan signature which includes beauty, cosmetic and wellness products.


YAN & ONE offers a range of products: make-up, beauty, hygiene, care, fragrances, accessories and teas which can enhance natural beauty. It is an offer that is aimed at all women and men, whatever their skin color (from porcelain skin to black skin), their morphology, their styles, their desires, and their means.

YAN & ONE is also the desire to have a different and new approach, offering a multitude of exclusive make-up looks, designed by the biggest beauty professionals in France and offered to the consumer in an interactive and digital way. All of these products comply with the strictest standards: dermatologically tested, the products are mainly Paraben-free, Phenoxyethanol-free, PEG-free.

The YAN & ONE fragrances are designed in France by great master perfumers from Grasse, the world capital of perfume. YAN & ONE has a care line developed by the largest European laboratories in Switzerland and France while respecting international cosmetics regulations. The brand also draws its inspiration from the nature of Morocco by offering a new range of ritual care called Moroccan Rituals. This range uses the best natural ingredients like argan oil and prickly pear oil certified 100% natural which is aimed at both women and men

YAN & ONE also pays homage to inner beauty, with a wide range of teas:  for example, you can discover a Detox tea, a Radiance tea, and many other references composed of original mixtures and rare teas in the service of beauty and of health.

YAN & ONE: A Moroccan concept, a global creation, three years of preparation

At the origin of this project, there is first the vision and the will of a woman, those of Salwa Idrissi Akhannouch convinced that Morocco can distinguish itself by innovating while proposing an offer adapted and accessible to all. Three years of hard work and the collaboration of experts and international design offices were necessary to make it happen.

Called YAN & ONE, this concept will bring together in one place the best of global cosmetics while providing a completely new approach to beauty, fully digitalized, based on the best technological solutions serving the consumer. YAN & ONE thus invents a new concept unique in the world: The Beauty Smart Store, with the objective of shining in Morocco and abroad.

A Smart Brand accessible to all

YAN & ONE is a concept of Beauty Smart Store and it is also a brand of make-up, skincare, rituals and tailor-made perfumes that will meet all the needs of consumers, created around three components: impeccable quality, prices very accessible and a universal offer. The YAN & ONE pro and make-up care lines are available for all skin types, from porcelain skin to black skin, meeting the expectations of all consumers, from its launch in Morocco and soon in Africa and internationally.

Imagined and designed in Morocco, YAN & ONE then selected the best international experts to manufacture its products. The entire Professional Care line is developed in Switzerland and France in the laboratories of the most prestigious cosmetic brands. The make-up, designed by a world-renowned make-up designer, is made in France. The fragrances are produced in Grasse, the cradle of French perfumery. The shampoos come from the United States. Finally, the range of rituals draws inspiration from Morocco, but also the best ingredients, such as certified argan oil which is used as the basis for most products, or prickly pear oil, the new Moroccan treasure of world cosmetology. All while ensuring prices accessible to all, without compromising on quality.

YAN & ONE, an evocative brand name

YAN as the Number One and Unique in Amazigh, a tribute to the Berber origins of the founder of the brand. ONE to better highlight the uniqueness of the brand. YAN & ONE to translate its DNA, the ability to address each individual and enhance its natural beauty. For YAN & ONE, each person is unique, and the brand name claims this posture. The name is to support the originality, the special aspect of this brand which wants to be standard of all the potentialities of Morocco in the natural.

YAN & ONE, a Moroccan brand that will, therefore, be one step ahead with its time, connected to the world and to trends, creating its own standards to offer its customers a unique and personalized experience and digital solutions.


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