Mohamed Dekkak at Beldi Country Club 1

Mohamed Dekkak at Beldi Country Club

A luxury hotel with an enchanting charm that welcomes everyone for a magical Moroccan stay.

The Hotel by Beldi is nestled in the middle of several hectares of gardens in the heart of a rose garden, in the shade of trees, at the foot of the Atlas but also a few minutes from Marrakech and the Medina. The Beldy Country Club, built like a typical village in the area, offers a delightful freshness thanks to its four swimming pools, its many patios, and its ubiquitous vegetation. You enter a “natural universe” where everything is beautiful, well thought out but especially where the “good taste” premium. Everything is perfectly integrated and studied so that the original nature becomes one with Beldi architecture. A magical place immersed in the greenery.

Twenty-seven rooms each have a terrace, or private garden have been tastefully furnished in the pavilions and riads of the property. Accommodation includes breakfast, and you can also have lunch or dinner in one of the two restaurants. Lunch was superb! I sat at a nice table in the sun and enjoyed a fantastic casual lunch. The portions were generous, and the food was delicious! From hot tomato bread to fish salad and vegetables to fresh orange juice and fresh fruit juice. Also, access to the spa and its traditional treatment card and the Beldi Country Club is provided. The steam room and massages were great and relaxing. Hammam involves being washed and steamed and exfoliated and was excellent preparation for the massage, which was very greasy and enjoyable. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. The restaurants, the hotel, the swimming pools, the reception areas, the SPA, everything is managed by “good taste” builders, nature conductors mixed in with raw earth.

The hotel is classified in the kid-friendly category since everything is done for the comfort and serenity of families. There are four pools including a pool suitable for children, self-service games, the big screen, and home theater. The hotel also offers activities like Golf (Le Beldi has a partnership with the Royal Golf of Marrakech and Assoufid Golf Club), horse riding, tennis and cooking classes (classes with the Beldi baker are also offered). Beldi Country Club also has a nice collection of shops with an excellent range of textiles, clothing and household items and so much more. Great pool and loungers, and be sure to walk around the gardens as they are absolutely amazing. In my long list of places that I visited, Beldi Country Club stood out like a diamond.

The Beldi country club is a haven of peace on the outskirts of Marrakech that sings the praises of the oriental sweetness of life and refreshing refinement. A Garden of Eden at the gate of Marrakech, the Beldi country club is a vast estate built on an olive grove. More than 15 hectares of trees, several centuries old who impose themselves as an exotic break, where I enjoyed the riches of Morocco in absolute tranquility. Only 15 minutes from the Medina, but far from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech.  But the Beldi is also the right place to relax a day and enjoy the facilities and a dinner or lunch in one of its two restaurants. Here again the quality is at the rendezvous, with a new chef in the kitchen and simple but exquisite products. Its owners Leymarie family, make sure to use the resources of the estate to cultivate their art of living well. All that is on the table comes from the Beldi, from the plate to the tablecloths, glasses, tasty olive oil, fruits, and vegetables. In short, the Beldi is worth the detour, and for those who already know this beautiful place, it’s time to return to discover the novelties of the year: a large kitchen garden and organically 100%. The most beautiful part of the Beldi Country Club is that of the gardens, with olive trees, climbing bougainvilleas and even a magnificent rose garden that will leave you breathless. No matter what comes to mind for the hotelier Jean-Dominique Leymarie – he simply transforms it with great taste and a sense of beauty.

About the Beldi Country Club

The Beldi is a luxury hotel in Marrakech, part of the Beldi Country Club. Surrounded by lush gardens, the hotel is just a 10-minute drive from Menara Airport. Built on the model of a douar, the Beldi is a real universe apart, authentic and captivating. The hotel’s swimming pool is surrounded by orange and olive trees, an ideal place to relax under the Moroccan sun. This village-style estate features two clay tennis courts, while access to the spa and the Beldi Country Club is entirely free for hotel guests. In this charming hotel, the meal is served according to your desires, next to the pool or in the beautiful gardens. Lanes lead to the rooms of the Beldi Hotel, located in the pavilions and riads of the property. Individually decorated, the 27 rooms all have a private terrace or garden. In the soft light of Morocco, it is enchanting tranquility that is exhaled by the Beldi.


The history of Moroccan blown glass begins at the beginning of the twentieth century with that of artisans with an innate sense of trade and incredible knowledge and continues today in the sublime Beldi Country Club thanks to its visionary owner, Jean-Dominique Leymarie.

“At the time, these people made storm lamp lenses that they sold extremely well all over the country. And then with the electrification of Morocco, the storm lamps stopped, “says Jean-Dominique. But the know-how was there and came back to life in the form of a single glass, designed by a Frenchman in the 1940s, a mouth-blown relief glass.







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