Mohamed Dekkak at Caftan Du Maroc 2019 Dubai 2

Mohamed Dekkak attends Caftan du Maroc

Dubai Hosts Caftan Fashion Show

Caftan Du Maroc, the high fashion international affair and flagship event of caftan haute couture from Morocco is now in Dubai.

Presenting their distinct and valuable masterpieces on Friday, 26th of April 2019, fashion designers will showcase their latest couture and fashion collections for Spring and Summer 2019, Autumn and Winter 2019 caftan couture and haute couture for Caftan Du Maroc.

Held at the lavish Meydan Hotel, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, this show is carried out in support of the U.A.E.’s year of tolerance, as well as to spread the spirit of peace and diversity. The hotel is a fine treasure worthy to be the event place of the most splendid 1001 Arabian nights of the rich Arab and Emirati heritage and traditions.

Caftan Du Maroc – Dubai

Famous designers who put glam in this fashion event includes:

Selma Boukcina, Inesaf Benaissa, Zohra Laamech, Nawal Ansari, Rafael Dorian, Farah Benchekroun, Medjahdi Djazia, Dina Bennani, Ihssan Ghziel, Siham Ihsan,Nawal Laanaya, Jamina Lahssini, Nezha Benslimane, Naoual Miri, Amine Mrani, Fatima Saber, Azfar Creations, Rachida Lahbabi, Siham Ihssan, Lbysa, Malak Singir


The fashion show features luxurious Caftan collections created by designers from Morocco, Algeria, Europe and United Arab Emirates.


Showcasing their fresh designs of haute couture collections, these designers are brought together to feature oriental clothing’s ancestral values, exceptionally handcrafted and tailored to combine the concept of past and present generations, of old and the new to create stunning pieces.


Models looked even more beautiful in their glimmering Moroccan outfits that they creatively displayed allowing time for the audience to admire or immortalize with their cameras. Outfits made from delicate materials such as brocade, silk velvet, silk brocade, beaded tlija or Calais lace beautifully translate these noble fabrics into real works of art, artistically showed the rich Moroccan heritage.


This night of fashion provided great time for networking opportunities via meetings or dialogues among Arab and other nationalities. Attended by VIP guests, fashionistas, industry experts, and leaders from government and private companies, Caftan du Maroc presents on stage the wide collaboration between internationally recognized caftan designers of various cultural communities from around the world.


The event hailed from Morocco is highly recognized as the event to watch for all caftan aficionados. Caftan du Maroc has grown to become a brand that is acknowledged on global setting with big events carried out from different cities such as Los Angeles, London, Abu Dhabi, Washington DC, Paris, Amsterdam and now in Dubai. It takes pride to be featured as one of the world’s most influential fashion events.



Moroccan Fashion


Each culture has its customary garments that speaks to their uniqueness. The caftan of Morocco is something more than a luxury apparel. It symbolizes opportunity that was for quite some time battled for.


The Kingdom of Morocco is, a lot of ways, an exceptionally eccentric nation with extraordinary locals and culture.


Above all else, it is the most Western of every Islamic nation having origin in equally Arab Muslim individuality and in the African mainland, while having its leaves blooming in Europe just fourteen kilometers far through the Strait of Gibraltar. Equitably, Morocco is additionally alluded to as the place that is known for complexities and amazing scenes. What other place on the planet would you be able to see the Mediterranean Sea meet the Atlantic sea? The unbelievable Atlas Mountains thumping at the entryway of the Moroccan Sahara desert? Endless snow slopes that overlooks the bright warm kasbahs and desert garden?


On account of its geostrategic position and uncommon topography similar to Turkey, Morocco has dependably been at the junction of numerous societies originating from the north, east, and south. The mix of culture was for the most part because of the routes of the region’s market which all come together to Morocco and brought about a culture of resilience and transparency toward various religious beliefs and ethnicities.


Indeed, Moroccans are really the most Western of Oriental individuals imparting numerous regular qualities to our adored Turkish companions. However, in the country, we put great importance on customs since we trust they boost advancement. This is especially valid in numerous fields from style to excellence, food to engineering and structure et cetera.


Moroccan style for instance is an exceptional mix of custom, genuiness, widely acclaimed femininity and elegance. In my nation we have enviously kept the customary dress regularly called caftan. By definition, “caftan” is a long, rather huge dress with or without an exceptionally created belt. It is wealthy as far as print, structure and streams at the same time, which underlines a lady’s effortlessness and features both her magnificence and identity. Past style, the clothing regulation is a social column for us in any party.


Moroccan design piece of clothing and utilization have encountered big shifts in later part of history, changing from a conventional art based venture to a flourishing fashion design industry. Affected by western style, dress has progressed toward becoming commoditized and has extended from fitting to designer label.





With this occasion, people involved makes a commitment to the fashion business, to work hard in making sure that caftan earns its place.


Caftan is a customary wear yet can be worn whenever and in any capacity. It draws out the ladylike side of a lady while still being comfortable. Similar to some other outfit, there are a couple of principles to pursue when you picked a kaftan. Because they are a sort of a dress, you have to ensure you pick the correct cuts for your body and the most ideal hues for your skin tone. Kaftans can be worn whenever! A great deal of customers get kaftans to go to weddings and special occasions, however kaftans can likewise be worn at some other time. Light fabrics means it’s lightweight, with light textures and less weaved pieces can likewise be molded at different social affairs.


The caftan is an article of clothing that has been around for quite a long time, and shows, for example, Caftan Du Maroc enable it to be consistently reinvented and stay acknowledged in the present world of fashion. Historically, this fabric was worn by male judges, yet it eventually turned into a dress for women during the later part of the century. The word Caftan is generally utilized for the one piece dress and it tends to be worn on both easygoing and formal events, depends upon the material utilized.


Caftans is almost synonymous to Morocco’s heritage. The Caftan stays one of the kingdom’s supreme symbol of innovativeness, culture and legacy, equaling the best global fashion brands and worn by famous international stars.


Moroccan caftans are regularly illustrative of the varied cultural heritage and its persuasions. The caftan continues to develop and modernize. It’s the sole dress that is appropriate for various styles and diverse purposes, for example, a contemporary soiree or a customary one. The caftan is entirely reasonable to wear in each nation, that is on the grounds that the outfit mixes effectively in various societies.




Haute couture


The expression “haute couture” is French. Haute means “high” or “elegant.” Couture literally signifies “sewing,” however has come to show the industry of creating, designing, and selling custom-made, high fashion women’s garments.



Haute Couture is a much-abused expression that really has exact guidelines to qualify. In literal interpretation, couture is a French word which means dressmaking, whereas haute implies high. These are articles of clothing made as one off pieces for a particular customer. Nineteenth century Englishman Charles Frederick Worth is recognized as the Father of Haute Couture and present members are chosen by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. To become certified as an official Haute Couture house, members need to design made to order garments for private customers, with more than one fitting, utilizing an atelier (workshop) that utilizes something like fifteen employees working full time. They should likewise have 20 technical laborers working full time in one of their workshops. Lastly, Haute Couture houses need to display a collection of 50 and more unique design — both day and night articles of clothing — to the general population each season, in January and July.



Fashion boosts Moroccan economy


Moroccan design is known for its rich materials and conventional craftsmanship however the legislature is taking measures to make it sprout around the world.


The government of Morocco intends to carry out its style of fashion to the international market. The industry is significant in light of the fact that it utilizes in excess of 75,000 customary craft makers and its turnover is evaluated at over 3.5 billion dollars


Some portion of the arrangement to market Moroccan fashion to the front line is through the country’s ongoing move to begin a slow and controlled liberalization of its money, the dirham.


The North African nation has had a fixed swapping scale routine for the dirham since the 1970s. It is pegged to the euro and the dollar.



Moroccan Designers


Designers situated in Morocco typically has one thing in similarity, they all appear to be inspired by their environment. Yves Saint Laurent’s collections was made beginning from utilizing shades of color since living in Morocco. The present fashion creators will in general spotlight on merging the — weaving methods, styles, or even materials — with current looks whether unique, bohemian, or inspired.


The designs that has taken center stage represents the elegance of the modern Moroccan women. The creative geniuses behind the fashion show respects the tradition whilst offering a selection tailored to the women of today’s generation.




Dubai’s Industry of Fashion


Dubai is really a city of diverse cultures, with an energizing mix of individuals, characters and tastes. All components of style and arts are distinctive in this superb city. Dubai has an indispensable impact in many of designers’ inspiration design process. With all that is occurring in Dubai as far as the developing economy and the travel industry, it is nothing unexpected that Dubai is nearly also known as London, Italy, or Milan with regards to the world of fashion at this point. Dubai is likewise making its own character with its own fashion designers, offering a variety of one of a kind blends into the style scene and the developing unobtrusive fashion scene too.


Attending the event is Adgeco Group’s Chairman and fashion aficionado, Mohamed Dekkak, who states, “I take immense pride in seeing on the international stage the artistic creations that best represent the Moroccan heritage and culture.”


These excellent fashion creations by Morocco’s top fashion designers will be presented amid a special global event, the Caftan Du Maroc which seeks to celebrate the Kingdom of Morocco’s rich cultural fashion design.


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