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Mohamed Dekkak Experiences Luxury Boat Tour

Mohamed Dekkak has gone to another luxurious trip of his life. Once in a while, you have to unwind and experience the unique scenery by taking a luxury yacht tour in Dubai.

Dubai has become a synonym for tourism and business in the region, so there are plenty of entertainment options for residents and tourists alike. The vibrant city is not just about shopping in mega malls, attending exhibitions or events filled with the Dubai agenda or even enjoying panoramic views from Dubai. High-rise buildings and even marine activities are the best things you can do on weekends or on holidays.

The cityscape of Dubai and the beautiful scenery of the Arabian Gulf attract thousands of tourists from around the world. Every year, visitors from all over the world come to Dubai for a relaxing holiday. Traveling by yacht is really worth a try! Cruise on a luxurious private yacht, take the wind and waves on the sea in the first line of the sea to the depths of the blue sky, enjoy the distinguished service, enjoy the beautiful sea view, and see the scenery that you can’t see on land.

Mohamed Dekkak was very delighted to Xclusive Yachts Charter, as it is the only luxury cruise rental company in Dubai that has won five-star awards. With more than 100 yacht rentals, come to the local country to enjoy a local tour.

About Yacht

This is an Italian yacht with cutting edge structure and design convey the advantages of a full yacht inside a normal one. The roomy inside of Xclusive 1 gives plentiful space for entertaining, while the expansive flybridge and rearward deck provide picturesque views, providing food for those with an open-air appetite for the sun. It is the perfect place to soak up some sun and enjoy the company of your friends. Completely cooled all through, the lavish parlor and dining zone are lauded by a widely prepared kitchen and bar which can be used to mixed drinks and prepare exotic culinary dishes for gatherings. There is a grill on the flybridge so you can prepare delicious food. There were 3 crew members to take good care of you throughout your stay.

The focal living territory has been magnificently created by Italian interior designers, flaunting refined parquet wooden deck and rich ivory color leather couches, which is perfectly balanced against the dazzling blue setting of the sea. With full glasses throughout the yacht, the saloon has a scenic view. Inside, unwind with a stereo connected to a full surround sound system all around the yacht  and in front of the 42-inch plasma screen.

The luxurious private yacht is white, with a beautiful streamlined hull and comfortable open-air leather sofas. Complimentary soft drinks and mineral water are provided on board. Sitting on the deck, against the backdrop of Dubai’s tall buildings, you can take a modern portrait. The yacht departs at dusk and will sail around the outer edge of the Palm Island. If the weather is good, you can see the magnificent sunset on the Persian Gulf.

The departure point for the yacht is Dubai Marina. Along the way, you can visit the seven-star sailing hotel, Palm Island, Marina and other areas.

Luxury yachts can be used for both sea and deep sea fishing. Each luxury yacht includes luxury cabins and private rooms. The facilities are superior and the capacity is larger. It has a better ride than the sports boats & fishing boats.

Charter Itinerary

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is always full of boats, in addition to white yachts, there are also colorful exotic, leather, wooden boats, a little understanding of the ship type, it will be very worth seeing. The futuristic high-rise buildings behind the pier are connected, and the silver-colored Kayan Tower is very eye-catching. Because of its unique shape of rotation, it is nicknamed the “twisted twist” building.

Jumeirah Beach Residences

This bustling metropolitan area is like a beach attraction open to everyone, allowing you to spend the day enjoying the modern Arabian atmosphere in the sun. This family-friendly area is easily accessible from any corner of Dubai. There are a variety of activities to choose from, from a wide range of beachfront dining and shopping options to water sports such as parasailing and water skiing.

One and Only the Palm

Located on one of Dubai’s most intimate beaches, it is ideally situated on the beautiful peninsula of Palm Island. Surrounded by stunning secluded beaches, the hotel’s breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline are unobstructed.


Emerald Palace Kempinski, Dubai is characterized by Shanghai’s design and its regent interior design inspired by the 18th century European European fashion, designed for the modern taste of the guests. Busy, spacious marble, gold and silver leaf gilded wood ornate curtains, combined with elegant color schemes and spacious spaces are introduced to the guests of your life.


The hotel is based on the legendary ancient civilization of Atlantis, which covers an area of ​​113 acres and costs $1.5 billion. It is located on the palm island of the world’s largest man-made island.

The hotel has the largest water park and giant aquarium in the Middle East. The aquarium has 65,000 fish. Guests can also make an appointment to snorkel with the dolphins in the shallow waters of Dolphin Bay. The atrium is home to a large rotating glass sculpture by the famous American glass artist Chihuly. The glass art is very similar to the mysterious creature on the sea floor.


Sofitel Dubai the Palm Resort & Spa is located on Palm Jumeirah and is the largest luxury resort in the Accor group. From the “roots of palms” heading east to the hinterland of the moon-shaped peninsula, on the left is the innocent Persian Gulf. Only the sound of the waves makes the Sofitel’s huge architectural complex extraordinary in a tranquil atmosphere.

Madinat Jumeirah

Boasting its own private beach and perched right by the Arabian Gulf, Madinat Jumeirah is a true Arabian mini-city in Dubai. Take pleasure in an all-inclusive Arabian tour at this little city.

Dubai Skyline

Admire Dubai from the desert, skyscrapers are like a mirage. Dubai’s architectural achievements symbolize the arrival of its important business centres and modern urban era. Dubai currently has the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa, 828 meters high), the tallest hotel (Marquis Marquis, 355 meters high) and the tallest residential building (princess tower, 413 meters high).

By the end of this decade, Dubai will also build the world’s tallest new building, the tower of The Tower. Located in the Dubai Creek Harbour development, the tower is more than Burj Khalifa and is used primarily as a landmark for construction. In addition, it will open a hotel, several restaurants, a viewing platform and other functional areas.

Sailing Hotel

The Sailing Hotel is a seven-star hotel located on an artificial island 280 metres into the Persian Gulf. It looks like a white sailboat that is about to sail, and is comparable in height to the Eiffel Tower in France. You can take a photo with it on the yacht. This $1.5 billion hotel is a representative of Dubai luxury.

Palm Jumeirah

Built on a $14 billion island, Palm Island consists of an artificial island in the shape of a central palm leaf and a crescent-shaped dyke in the outer ring. The villas of the world’s richest are spread over most “leaves”, each with its own private dock and Yachts, it is said that many stars such as Faye Wong and Beckham also have villas on the island.

Nevertheless, Mohamed Dekkak had a fabulous afternoon and the crews were lovely to have around and did a great job said Mr. Dekkak.

According to him, it was also very enjoyable cruise and was so lucky with the weather and sea state so there were no issues. Captain and crews are very proficient, the whole trip went seamlessly. The 70ft was fantastic and met all the requirements. “The service was excellent! The staffs were very professional and they looked after everyone on board. The yacht was very clean and well-presented. I have experienced many yachts here in Dubai but this one was fantastic” said Mr. Dekkak. Once again, Xclusive Yachts managed to exceed my expectations, it was an amazing tour and I couldn’t have wished for anything more.

The trip also includes the following:

  • SOFT DRINKS (Pepsi, diet Pepsi, 7up and Miranda)


1.0 Prior to Departure

Pier 7 Valet is located after Dubai Marina Mall, sharp right immediately after the mall, follow sign “pier 7 restaurants”. If you are travelling by Taxi, ask the driver to drop you to PIER 7 DUBAI MARINA.

1.1) Arriving at PIER 7 Valet Parking. One of our representatives in red XCLUSIVE uniform will be waiting by the Valet Parking to escort you to your yacht.

Please ensure you reach at least 15 minutes prior to your charter.(heavy traffic can be expected on weekends).

1.2) Boarding – You may board 10 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time unless otherwise arranged.

1.3) Carry on baggage – If you require assistance with baggage, food or drink please inform our operations team 30 mins prior to arriving to Pier 7.

1.4) Parking – Valet parking is available at PIER 7, it is charged at AED 100 per vehicle (payable in cash only), alternatively you may park at the Marina Mall Lower Level 4, however they can only provide luggage assistance to & from Pier 7 Valet Parking.

They suggest parking on Level 1 Marina Plaza visitor parking on Fridays, Saturdays & Public Holidays or anytime after 6pm as the car park is empty OR park in Marina Mall during weekdays if visiting during working hours.

If you choose to park in Marina Mall, please drop off your luggage to our representative at Pier 7 Valet first.

2.0) Documents Required

2.1) I.D – As a requirement by the UAE Coast Guard, all guests on board MUST carry on them an original & valid form of identification (Passport Only for foreign nationals, Emirate I.D / Passport for UAE residents).  If any persons do not have valid ID, they will not be permitted to board.

3.0) During your Charter

3.1) Weather Disturbance affecting your charter – You will be notified if a weather warning has been issued by the Coast Guard prior to your charter. In the event a weather warning has been issued the the cancelation policy (see 4.0) will be void and you have the option to reposition your charter, change the departure time or cancel your booking receiving a full refund.

3.2) Life jackets – It is compulsory that Children under the age of 14yrs wear company issued life jackets throughout your charter. In the event a weather warning has been issued on the day of your charter all passengers are permitted to wear life jackets while the vessel is underway. Whilst anchored the life jackets may be removed to sunbath and swim.

3.3) Swimming – Swimming is permitted on all our yachts, we require weak swimmers to wear life jackets and all swimmers to stay within a 3 meters radius of the chartered vessel. Note: swimming is not permitted after sunset.

3.3) Dress Code – No footwear is permitted to be worn on the yachts. Slippers are available on board.

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