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Mohamed Dekkak meets the MasterChefs of Morocco

Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of UAE based company Adgeco Group is a Moroccan national who found his career calling in the Middle East. On one of his return trip back home, he was able to meet Chef Moha and Chef Meriem, two of Morocco’s renowned culinary experts who are among the judges of one of the world’s favorite cooking franchise show, MasterChef.


MasterChef is a competitive cooking television show which comes from the UK and first aired in July 1990. In February 2005, the show’s format was renewed and restructured for the BBC and eventually made its first international adaptation known as MasterChef Australia, where it started in 2009.

MasterChef Morocco also got an immense following. The initial season of the country’s Masterchef where it first aired on October 7, 2014, encouraged people of all ages and from all walks of life to compete in trying to become Morocco’s best amateur cook. It was a huge national competition which likely to has topped all records.

The program has round up a few of the best chefs in the Kingdom such as Chef Khadija Bensdira, Chef Moha, Chef Meriem Ettahri and Chef Ramzi El Bouab as members of the jury. They will accompany aspiring participants in a series of challenges which are usually under the pressure of time.

In the last season, all the fifteen candidates acquired during the show from the master coaching and opinion of the 4 judge members. All the aspirants have presented incredible abilities and techniques all through the competition. The first season’s winner was the very gifted 30-year-old Halima.

It can be considered that Masterchef Morocco came out as a huge success in 2M TV’s history. As stated by the HuffPost Maghreb, the finale’s episode has been viewed by almost 5.5 millions of viewers. In effect, advertising proceeds were considered one of the most rewarding in the 2M channel’s broadcasting history.

Based on varied social media platforms’ dialogues and commentaries, most of the Moroccan viewers’ consent that the premiere season of Masterchef Morocco has lived up to their anticipations. Some claimed that it was remarkably valuable.

Chef Moha

Before flourishing to become one of Morocco’s most famous chefs, the native of the city of Marrakech began his professional career in Switzerland wherein he went to learn to cook and lived there for fourteen years, collecting experience in global cuisine together with his mastery of Moroccan traditional dishes. As stated by Chef Moha, “The Moroccan cuisine has always been known for being rich and of great qualities, which makes it very competitive on the international level”. Master Chef Morocco, which has been aired on the national TV station 2M, introduced him to a larger audience.

The first to reinvent Moroccan cuisine, Chef Moha’s Dar Moha has risen fast through the ranks of premium restaurants in Morocco and today Moha is one of the most sought after chefs. Another thing that makes Chef Moha stand out is his insights and passion for making sure that Moroccan cuisine is recognized as part of the World Cultural Heritage. In chasing his goal, Chef Moha has been made an ambassador for Moroccan gastronomy due to his partaking in different global happenings.

Mohamed Dekkak with Moha Fedal and Meryem Tahiri
Mohamed Dekkak with Moha Fedal and Meryem Tahiri

Chef Meriem

The youngest girl in a conservative family in Casablanca could never have imagined a culinary career, which is why it took her time to decide to transform her love for cooking into a life project. In her baccalaureate, she left Morocco to enroll in Mc Gill University in Canada. Meriam Ettahri is predestined for a career in business and found a job in events wherein she organizes conferences for the defense industry. This experience made her love the work for she even considered a career in the military career.


Her love for food resurfaced when she transferred jobs and collaborated with agri-food companies in her new position as a head hunter. Realizing her taste and interest in the products, her co-workers encouraged her to do train for professional cooking. She then decided to apply in an internationally recognized culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu.

Moroccan Cuisine

One of the best-known food in the world, Moroccan cuisine is rich with delicate spices and fascinating flavor combinations.

Moroccan cuisine is influenced by the Kingdom’s relations and interactions with other countries and cultures throughout the centuries. Moroccan cuisine is commonly a blend of Arabic, Berber, Andalusian, and Mediterranean cuisines with a little of Europe and sub-Saharan influences.

Imagine tart green olives put together with sliced preserved lemon rind swirled in a tagine of tender chicken. Be surprised with a plate of intense pigeon meat pie sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar. Think of sardines coated with rich combination of parsley, coriander, cumin and a hint of chili. Highly influenced by Arabia, Andalusian Spain, and France, the Kingdom of Morocco’s cuisine is a hearty blend of delectable flavors that make it distinct.

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