Mohamed Dekkak receives book dedication from Waciny Laredj 4 1

Mohamed Dekkak receives book dedication from Waciny Laredj

Adgeco Chairman and Founder Mohamed Dekkak received a book dedication from award-winning author Waciny Laredj. The book given during the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair held at ADNEC is entitled “The Prince’s Book: The Paths of the Wooden Gates” and has won the literary prize Sheikh Zayed in 2007.

One of the immense figures of Arab literature, Algerian Waciny Laredj was conceived in Sidi Bou Jnan located in Tlemcen territory in 1954.

He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Arabic literature from the University of Algiers and afterward headed out to Syria to seek postgraduate studies, granted a scholarship by the gov’t. He acquired a Maters and a Ph.D. from the University of Damascus. Having completed his education, he came back to his home country Algeria and became a professor at his former school, the University of Algiers. He kept on educating there until 1994. When the war started in Algeria in the 1990s Laredj was constrained to leave the nation. Following a short stay in Tunisia, he moved to France and joined the teaching staff of the Sorbonne University in Paris, where he lectured Arabic literature.

As an author, Laredj is notable all through the Arabic and French nations. Starting in the mid-1980s, he has circulated a lot of novels. Most of his books speak of the pained history of his country Algeria and its cruel disorders. For as long as ten years he has created narratives regarding the tragedies of the Arab country, scrutinizing the holy and static record of its history. He himself translate a couple of his books into French. No less than two of his books were presented in French before they were translated into Arabic.

Laredj together with his wife Zineb Laouedj, have worked on African literature’s anthology in French, entitled Anthologie de la nouvelle portrayal africaine. Before, Laredj has created literary programs for Algerian TV. He has likewise supplied articles for a regular column to the Algerian daily paper El Watan.

His best-selling and award-winning books include “The book of the Emir”, “Necklace of Jasmine”, “The kingdom of the Butterfly”, “The Andalucian House”, “The “Fingers Lolita” which won an award at the 7th Literary Creation of the Arab thought foundation in Beirut. His book “Keeper of Shadows” was chosen in 1997 among the five best publications in France.

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