Mohamed Dekkak and Abderrahim Khaoutem at Qasr Al Watan Presidential Palace Abu Dhabi. 1

Mohamed Dekkak visit to Qasr Al Watan (Presidential Palace)

A Glimpse of Abu Dhabi’s Grand Presidential Palace

A luxurious interior which presents a complex system of grandiose white domes, gardens and ornamental structures that has long been hidden from the public’s eye.

The palace is home of the official offices of the President, the Vice President and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi which still remains closed. Recently, however, some areas of the Presidential Palace were opened to the general public for the very first time.

The strong positive response of early visitors including Adgeco Chairman and Founder, Mohamed Dekkak and Moroccan friend Abderrahim Khaoutem, proves that Qasr Al Watan will be an instant hit drawing more visits. Also referred to as “palace of the nation” Qasr Al Watan, is merely a part of the expansive Presidential Palace complex located in Ras Al Akhdar that was delivered by contractors in 2015 and completed in 2017.

Mr. Dekkak expressed his awe in exploring the palace, stating “I am moved by the palace’s interior, its impressive architecture, valuable sculptures and manuscripts and the fact that it showed us the exclusive world of a royal court.” However, Qasr Al Watan by itself makes the neighboring Emirates Palace hotel similar to a toy town – its facade of limestone and granite and a glowing white underneath the afternoon sun, it’s a strong contrast to the blue hues of the ocean that envelops it.

More about Qasr Al Watan

Qasr Al Watan is simply more than just a palace. It’s a distinct and extraordinary landmark of the United Arab Emirates which offers an authentic glimpse of the Arabian heritage and the basic foundation to which formed the history of the country as well as its vision of the future.

The place overflows with knowledge and presents an inspiring journey in a modern setting, bringing to light the kind of governance and artistry UAE has.

A one of a kind experience awaits you at the palace where you can explore its grand hallways that leaves your eyes in marvel. It is a great way to learn more about Arabian history and arts here in the region and get to know more about its leaders and government institutions that make this nation inspiring and beautiful. You will surely appreciate and celebrate the innovation that pushes UAE’s future.

Must-See Features Inside Qasr Al Watan

If you will be visiting the palace when they pass by the edge of this white structure out of the blue? There are 10 areas for individuals to appreciate and all are contained inside the Qasr Al Watan building.

The Great Hall

The main highlight is without a doubt the Great Hall, the engineering heart of the building and where global pioneers, for example, Chinese president, Xi Jinping, are welcomed. It is sized at 100×100 meters and its colossal 37-meter length dome is much bigger than the primary arch of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

The corridor’s more extensive structural style has glimmers of Mughal-time plan however it likewise joins traditional local themes, for example, the curve, arch, and ornamental tile-work. Four reflected mirror cubes stand at each side of the Great Hall where guests can become familiar with the compositional highlights. For instance, the “mirrors of reflection”, illuminate the characteristic marble of yellow, gold, and white utilized in the royal residence that expects to indicate the Middle Eastern setting.

The Palace Light Show

Once you have explored all interesting rooms in Qasr Al Watan, and on the off chance that they come during the evening, watch out for the ‘The Palace In Motion’ light exhibition along with video projections tossed onto the structure’s facade that takes place at 7:30 pm. The 14-minute show highlights a three-act story of the UAE’s history, present, and future using a stunning array of audio and visual elements.

Diplomatic Gifts to The UAE

Among the premier displays at Qasr Al Watan is the area on the east wing which houses diplomatic presents that were given to the UAE as a representation of good relations with other countries. Some of the items you will find here include vases, daggers, a shield and resplendent sword from Kazakhstan, a piece of the fabric that drapes the Holy Kaaba given by Saudi Arabia to UAE, rugs from Turkmenistan, armor from Japan as well as a delightful khanjar from Oman all convey a more colorful aspect to the dry circle of diplomacy.

Spirit of Collaboration

Located on the west wing is the one called “Spirit of Collaboration” room. This room is intended to carry out summits of the GCC and Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. It’s the official meeting place for the Cabinet and Federal Supreme Council of the country. One of the most notable things you can get to look at this room is the massive chandelier ornate with over 25,000 crystals.  It’s so huge that it actually has a staircase which can fit an individual if it requires any maintenance. Over the round table is a light fixture comprising of 350,000 precious stones that gauge 12 tons. It must be collected in the room and also has space inside for an individual to do fixes

The ‘Power Of Words’ Art Installation

While touring The Great Hall, you will come across a beautiful gold assemble designed by local artist Mattar Bin Lahej called the ‘Power Of Words.’ This art installation highlight interlaced words from Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayan. The Arabic quote basically states that the true wealth of the nation is not the oil or money, but the people

The artistic exhibit of the great founding father is among the 4 art installations in The Great Hall. Instagrammable spot, you can even go inside the installation and get that interesting shot.

Presidential Banquet Hall

At the point when individuals have more than enough of the formal activities, it is the ideal chance for an illustrious feast. Near 149,000 bits of silver, china and precious stone were created for the castle and visitors can stroll through a completely arranged banquet hall. The nourishment mirrors the nation where the host originates from, plates are hand-painted, whilst the tables in front are half vacant so visitors don’t play Judas on the hosts. A well-known dinner served at these capacities is Quzi – a whole sheep sitting on a bed of rice.

The Majlis

Different rooms incorporate al barza, or the Majlis, where individuals can find out about the conventional ways Sheikhs apportion exhortation, while another room is devoted to uncommon compositions spreading over a few centuries. A lattice enlivened figure by Emirati artist, Mattar bin Lahej, additionally demonstrated well known for selfies however a standout amongst the most surprising of the ten encounters is another open library. The accumulation ranges something like 40,000 titles in Arabic and English and guests can get to this for nothing out of pocket once they join the emirate’s library administration.

Qasr Al Watan Library

Explore centuries of human knowledge in a vast collection of books focusing on the culture, development, and achievements of the United Arab Emirates.

Visitors have stood in the marvel of its intricately sculptured gardens and its complex, Mughal-style architecture.

But one room specifically has awakened the interest of the thousands who have already been to see the arresting interior of the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, the Qasr Al Watan Library.

With rare publications put in place against the massive backdrop of the towering hall and elaborate chandeliers, the palace’s public library proved to be a distinct hit.

Libraries for everybody

Department of Culture and Tourism’s Library Management Director, Shaikha Al Mehairi, stated that the venture had been an immense task yet an inspiring endeavor.

She also shared that their team went through many discussions for which the palace stated in all the meetings that the library is for the public. And having its own entrance far from the main palace, the library is open for everyone.

With over 40,000 titles, among the valuable records includes historic journals, diaries, present-day fiction, papers, and online data. Around 80 percent of the books are in Arabic yet there are plans to build the number of English titles.

Guests can scan diaries, get books and counsel on the premises a portion a thousand rare titles in the collected artifacts starting from the Seventeenth Century.

The works contain William Gifford Palgrave’s Narrative of a Year’s Journey through Central and Eastern Arabia, a 19th C travel story regarding the region.

The new, presently open collected works is a piece of the more extensive Abu Dhabi library system, joining five different branches over the emirate.

Custodians trust it will fundamentally turn into a counsel and study area, all contained inside the peaceful condition of an immense, marbled royal residence.

Indeed, even the design of the library supplements engineering. Shelves have been designed low enough to flaunt soaring roofs, while gigantic wooden entryways monitor the tiny rooms.

According to Ms. Al Mehairi, “Individuals should come and choose for themselves,”. “Different branches focus on specific crowds and this library will likely target grown-ups so … we will have heaps of specialists on the grounds that space is quiet and calm. They can spend time here at the entire day.”

The public launch of Qasr Al Watan library complements the Department of Culture and Tourism’s continued push to draw in more individuals into Abu Dhabi’s libraries.

Guest numbers almost tripled from 55,000 of every 2017 to 142,000 out of 2018, and more offices – which includes a committed web-based social networking channel – are in the making.

There’s a refundable deposit of Dh400 presently required to get the library’s books however this is something that is being “assessed”.

In the meantime, remote entry to the system’s 16 million computerized things is free once clients register on its site.

These online resources which are today’s trend covers, content, audio, and video incorporate “press reader”, a digital magazine kiosk with a large number of the world’s papers, and “ProQuest eBook central”, an entrance where you can peruse eBooks from the world’s top distributers.

In any case, learning must bot be a competition between digital and print. Libraries must serve everybody. Ms. Al Mehairi together with her group is currently centered around conveying an open library in such a tenuous setting.

She stated that the library is very representational and that the library, as well as other libraries, will get a ton of help and that is great.

A progression of community activities such as book dialogues, meeting the author events and melodic performances are likewise expected in the following couple of months.

“We trust the Qasr Al Watan library will get a ton of attention from the public,” she said. “In any case, we are not in a rush and make the collected works presentable. We are as yet sorting out.”

Qasr Al Watan library welcomes visitors from 10 am to 8 pm daily.

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