Mohamed Dekkak with Alba and Hicham Belarbi

Mohamed Dekkak with Alba and Hicham Belarbi

Mohamed Dekkak with Alba and Hicham Belarbi

Prata Event, Communications and Strategy Events Advisor, launches its new 100% Green Complex project, a first in Africa. At a time when Morocco is developing the strategy “Nation Branding,” to strengthen its capital, new green structure projects become a key element in positioning the country in the region and across the globe concerning its initiatives to decrease Morocco’s dependence from conventional energies. The country also actively promotes eco-friendly habits and its reputation as a green country especially with the launch of COP22 in 2016.

Our project consists of the creation of a luxury “eco-lodge” palace, receptive center and sports pole. This prestigious site will also be equipped with a car circuit adapted to hybrid cars among others.

The complex is expected to be eco-friendly from its construction. Recycled materials, special paints as well as modern technology and other environmental practices will be used in the design of the building.

This project will be developed in Tangier, a booming city in terms of tourism. This pearl of the North pleases attracts many visitors and investors thanks to various riches it contains.

Renewable energies, clean technologies, waste recycling, the Kingdom of Morocco is gearing on solutions to the many environmental issues. Prata Events is well aware of this and has always kept in mind the promotion of the Kingdom as the ultimate goal, committing to the “Palace Green” Project.

Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, Mohamed Dekkak attended the launch together with Hicham Belarbi and was seen with Prata Event’s Alba who launched the Prata project in Marrakech.

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