Mohamed Dekkak with Albert Oiknine Fashion Designer 1

Mohamed Dekkak with Albert Oiknine at Cartier Backdrop Marrakech

A Cartier Backdrop in Marrakech

If diamonds are eternal, jeweler Cartier imagines an ephemeral staging to highlight his jewels. It is in the heart of the palace Mandarin Oriental that the house opens its case to the visitors.

Installed as a jewel floating on one of the basins of the Mandarin Oriental, the ephemeral shop Cartier in Marrakech interprets with luxury and relaxation, in a dreamlike aquatic setting. Thus, for the occasion, a terrace was created and arranged in the central basin. Divided into two spaces, we find on one side, the shop and its groom Cartier, on the other, an esplanade inviting to relaxation. The ephemeral boutique of Marrakech evokes decorative elements of the Casablanca boutique like this iconic backlit gilt knitted moucharabieh, a traditional motif that Cartier modernizes with meticulous workmanship.

“Cartier is delighted to open its doors in the heart of Marrakech, a first for the House, and here at the border of the desert, Cartier presents his creations in a setting that pays homage to Moroccan culture.” A way to share art to live, to shine the House and to celebrate our long friendship with this country of immense wealth, “said Alessandro Patti, General Manager of Cartier Africa, quoted in a statement.

Mohamed Dekkak Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group was also invited by the Cartier to join this event in Marrakech.

Albert Oiknine’s a world well-known fashion designer also joined this event. This Moroccan, the son of a seasoned seamstress and haberdasher, has gathered around twenty fashion shows around the world and made a name for himself on the stage. Overflowing with creativity, he became interested in cinema costumes (What Ever Lola Wants, Kandisha), stage costumes (Moroccan evening in Davos, music festivals), while making his collections of kaftans and evening gowns every year. haute couture.

French luxury with a Moroccan flair

The elegance and know-how of Cartier marry with the iconic codes of Moroccan craftsmanship. In this pop-up store, Berber carpets, tataoui walls, hammered copper or lanterns in openwork metal suggest with subtlety and refinement Moroccan references.

In this space, in perfect harmony with the atmosphere of the “red city”, we (re) discover the mythical creations of the House: Love, Just A Nail, Panther or Santos and other jewelry signed Cartier.

From March 25 to May 25, 2018, at the Mandarin Oriental, Royal Golf Route, Marrakech.

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