Morocco allots more than 300 million budget for Cultural Promotion and Preservation

Morocco allocates more than 300 million budget for Cultural Promotion and Preservation


Morocco allots more than 300 million budget for Cultural Promotion and Preservation
Morocco allots more than 300 million budget for Cultural Promotion and Preservation

The Minister of Culture and Communication Mohamed Laaraj revealed that about 330 million Moroccan dinars were given to their agency where the official proposed a revamp to many of the country’s monumental sites and construction of additional cultural platforms.

During an official report, the minister pointed out various modifications their office would put together to take advantage of the cultural aspect of Morocco.

Mohamed Laaraj aims to put up additional cultural centers, institutions, and platforms to preserve Morocco’s culture and heritage.

The target, the minister stated, was to solidify cultural diplomacy through the valorization of heritage and to support the national cultural setting.

The official further tackled other issues which include the rehabilitation of several of the very important monument as well as historical sites of El Hoceima, Rabat, Marrakech and Casablanca that draws huge sums of global tourists.

The department official additionally announced that their office will carry out all the initiatives in relation to cultural interactions that includes theater, music, support services for various undertakings and cultural associations.


EU in supporting Morocco’s culture

10 Moroccan organizations coming from Marrakech, Tangier and Casablanca has been chosen by SouthMed CV to provide financial aid to support cultural efforts in the south Mediterranean.

4 Moroccan projects were chosen by the European Union to be recipients of 209,014 Euro for 9 – 12 months including 6 partnerships amongst Moroccan organizations as well as several countries in the southern Mediterranean.

“Le 18”, a cultural center in Marrakech was chosen for Kibrit, a joint research, and production program committed to modern art as well as curatorial practices whose goal is feature Morocco’s cultural heritage and collective memory.

The Espace Tabadoul located in Tangier has put up the Tanjazz Young Talent Competition supporting young people express their art and in promoting the involvement of the youth and women in music happenings.

The Dabateatre association located in Tangier launched the project entitled “Proposal for a Metropole” to offer a creative and art response to the socio-cultural as well as issues in the metropolitan.

Roots Association was chosen for Mediterranean Action & Research for Sustainability and Dev’t. or MARSAD. The program seeks to build a joint platform intended for research, execution, supervising and on observing the region’s cultural policies.

Together with the 4 projects, 6 partnerships with Moroccan organizations have also been created – Opprimé Theater, Observatory Workshop, Casablanca School of Architecture, Skefkef Magazine, Espace Darja and Insolite Library.

Cultural projects in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Jordan, and Palestine were also chosen by the European Union partly included in the initiatives of SouthMed CV’s in the southern Mediterranean.

Sept up by the European Med Culture program, SouthMed CV is supporting art and cultural initiatives in the south Mediterranean through offering financial assistance.


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