Morocco King Attends New Fez-Saiss Airport Terminal Inauguration -

Morocco king Attends New Fez-Saiss Airport Terminal Inauguration
Morocco king Attends New Fez-Saiss Airport Terminal Inauguration

Morocco King Attends New Fez-Saiss Airport Terminal Inauguration

King Mohammed VI headed the inauguration of the Fez-Saiss airport’s new terminal last May 28, 2017. The building space is a reflection of the global influence of Fez as well as the city’s status as Morocco’s spiritual and scientific capital.

Valued to be 471 million dirhams, the new terminal was designed to specifically follow the Morocco King’s order to provide Fez with the latest airport structure that conforms to the global standards. This was realized to solidify its international reputation, continuous passenger flow and to sustain socio-economic and the region’s tourism progress.

Executed by the ONDA or National Airports Office, the project is part of the plan to grow its airport capacity in compliance with global standards on aviation security, air traffic flow and quality of service.

The Fez-Saiss airport’s extension includes new terminal building having an overall land area of 28 thousand square meters and extension of air crafts’ parking space to accommodate additional 4 planes.

These accomplishments will grow the airport’s yearly capacity to 2.5 million passengers from the present 500 thousand.

To be able to fulfill passengers needs and expectations, this new airport terminal is furnished with advanced technology equipment in accordance with global requirements for security, safety, and quality of services.

The newly expanded terminal of Fez-Saiss Airport has a lobby free for everyone, a boarding lounge, arrival hall, restaurants and kids play area.

The terminal also accommodates the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity offices to extend assistance and advice to Moroccans living abroad, bank and exchange offices, and space for delivery of luggage and park space.

The king’s launching of the latest terminal solidifies the global position of the Fez-Saiss airport which from 2006 to 2016 has seen a constant growth of the passenger passing through the airport with a yearly average 13% up.

As a result, the quantity of passenger traffic has already triple in ten years from 200 thousand plus travelers in 2006 to 800 thousand plus in 2016 which is greater than the actual capacity of 500 thousand passengers.


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