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Morocco’s Good Policies for Environmental Sustainable Development

The Kingdom of Morocco has introduced a sustainable development policy that shares a role in the long-term environmental strategy that it aimed to protect the country’s environment and natural resources, the constant government control of nature at the local level and the operations development intended to improve the citizens’ natural living environment.

Morocco has put its place as among the African nations at the forefront for environmental protection and implantation of eco-friendly policies with prominent projects that likewise appeals some sizeable foreign investments from The United States, Europe, and China. Two of them includes Africa’s biggest wind park and a massive solar thermodynamic system set at the Sahara Desert for which 2.6 billion dollars has been capitalized.

One more large-scale project of converting six hundred mosques in Morocco to become green buildings by 2019 is on its way with the collaboration of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Rabat and the government of Germany. The project will begin with huge cities like Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, and Marrakech, with the first hundred religious Islamic buildings. This green wave will later on also reach the country’s small villages.

The project’s concept is pretty simple – to replace lighting systems with low-power and lamps that can last longer as well as to put in place power systems for clean energy and hot water. These are Interventions that will greatly reduce the electricity cost by as much as 40%. Mosques can become the great model of sustainable architecture as these are places where many communities gather. Hopefully, these ideas can be reproduced.

To supply all government buildings with renewable energy by 2030 is an additional object of the administration. Furthermore, green investments are available to promote the sustainable tourism. In the words of the General Director of the National Agency for Renewable Energy Development and Energy Efficiency of Morocco, Said Mouline, “They are little steps but that’s what we are doing.”

Morocco Ahead on Sustainable Development Efforts

The Kingdom has a solid background in acquiring the environmental solution to its power essentials and growth targets. The nation remains in demonstrating that it remains a champion in climate change, and thus its initiatives have been internationally recognized. In accordance to an article published in a news organization, the Kingdom of Morocco is leading a renewable transformation as verified by the Climate Change Performance Index of Germanwatch, when the country ranked 8th in its list worldwide and leading the emerging economies.

As far as the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Morocco is doing a great lead. Altogether, the country has also stressed its allegiance to Africa and made an extra effort to concentrate world attention on tackle advancement and sustainability matters in developing nations, including the push for South-South cooperation in addressing these needs.

With initiatives remain to connect, Morocco is an ideal setting to hold conferences aimed at renewable energy and sustainable development in developing countries.

After successfully carrying out the COP22 or 22nd Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change wherein King Mohammed VI took a lead on a side session for African officials, the kingdom stands to continue its solid support. Agadir city hosted the 2nd annual Climate Chance Summit from September 11-13, 2017, whilst over two thousand non-state actors from almost 80 nations convened to talk over their responsibilities in keeping national-level commitments to fight global warming.

Morocco also led the negotiations on international trade and development chapter. There is a crucial value in solidifying the capacities of developing countries in the areas of statistics to keep an eye on the execution of sustainable development goals in these countries.

With a proactive foresight to improve Africa in a way that each African can get access to inexpensive housing and the continent can be regarded as the most advanced regions of development in the world real estate map, the 2017 Hotelier Summit (North Africa) in Casablanca was organized from October 4-6 focusing on sustainability in the hospitality and real estate sector. The country’s Green Building Council serves as the Official Sustainability Partner of the Summit.

Casablanca also hosted the Africa Renewable Energy Forum on November 29-December 1, which gathers the government and private group to delve into useful solutions on clean project funding, climate-smart solutions, and inventive community projects throughout the continent of Africa in the framework of COP22 commitments.

The first African country to host such summit that gathers together professionals and scientists from Africa and global public, the 7th Digital Earth Summit was set last 17 until 19 of April in El Jadida, carrying the theme “Digital Earth for Sustainable Development in Africa.”

Together with both the developed and emerging countries, solid leadership is required to work on global warming and answer the needs of energy using sustainable development. Let Morocco show the world how.

Renewable Energy

The industry renewable energy is going through constant momentum in the Kingdom, stated Aziz Rebbah, the country’s Minister of Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development.

Rabbah recalled during a familiarity seminar about the solar energy in the agricultural sector on the various benefits of utilizing green energy regarding, innovation, investment, employment, industry, entrepreneurship and scientific research.

The minister stated further that because of the development accomplished in renewable energy, the nation is well on its way to aiming African and global markets as a result of Moroccan expertise, bigger projects launched and funding and assistance mechanisms were set.

As per the Director General of the Moroccan Energy Efficiency Agency or AMEE, Said Mouline emphasized the country’s efforts to trim down energy costs and made sure the balanced usage of energy, in agriculture in particular.

Emphasizing the need call for awareness among investors in the agriculture industry, Mouline evaluated several collaborations established by AMEE to assure energy efficiency, which among the key focus of the newly adopted strategy on national energy.

United Nations Development Program or UNDP representative applauded Morocco’s initiatives to foster the green economy and guarantee energy efficiency, highlighting the Kingdom’s involvement to obtain significant solutions to sustainable development obstacles.


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