Netherlands Business Council

Netherlands Business Council

The Netherlands Business Council is known for their industrial sector within their country as their industrial sector allows them to export chemicals, edible goods, and fuel. Overall on every economic ranking, the Netherlands is ranked 17th as the largest economy around the world.

The GDP of the Netherlands is $826,20 billion as of the year 1960 – 2018, they’re overall ranked as 10th as one of the countries with the highest GDP of the world. In terms of the labor force, the Netherlands has a rate of 70.5% labor participation rate as of 2003 – 2018 within their country.       

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates relies on oil as their source of income, the United Arab Emirates also relies on tourism as a second source of revenue for their country their imports and exports are the majority from oil and their rate of import and export for oil is 85% and the remaining 15% are other goods.

The overall GDP of the UAE is 1.38 trillion AED, they’ve accumulated their GDP mostly through oil and the rest are from other goods. The total Labor force of UAE is 6,330,540 and most are males and has an overall percentage of 91%, while the female labor force has an overall of 42%. The United Arab Emirates has a total Gross national income of 675,300 billion $ within their country.         

Advantages of Dutch Businesses on UAE

·        In regards to taxes, the UAE does not have any corporate tax in terms of the profit gathered by the businesses, thus allowing the Dutch businesses to gather enough profits to run different activities due to having enough profits, this activity that may lead to more profits to accumulate for the business.

·        The reporting and the financial standing of the business are not mandatory to be reported annually through an audit, they may instead report in a simple form, this would allow Dutch businesses to have less pressure in terms of reporting their business stature.

The Netherlands and UAE Relationship

The UAE and Netherlands have an important relationship in terms of trading as companies such as; Royal Dutch Shell have been active in UAE for more than 60 years and through different companies within the UAE such as; ADNOC since there are different operations of Netherlands that are within ADNOC and also different types of machinery and technologies in relation to gas is being used by the Netherlands in cooperation with the UAE and most of the exports of Netherlands are within the UAE and they’re expecting that as the UAE improve their economy further, their relationship in terms of trading will as well.

Netherlands and UAE in terms of aiding each country have reached an agreement to cooperate regarding development support towards both of their countries, this happens when both ministers met and conversed in terms of aiding both country’s development, through sharing different ideas to both of their countries.

Aiding between Netherlands and United Arab Emirates would allow both countries to be able to improve their economies and be able to diversify their area within their country in terms of their GDP and different economic scales.

Netherlands Business Council

The Netherlands Business Council is a business council that is founded in 1997 by a renowned businessman from the Netherlands. NBC is known by the authorities within the UAE as a representative for companies made by individuals from the Netherlands within Dubai and different emirates. A few different entrepreneurs and different career nationals have improved to 200 entrepreneurs, executives, and managers in different companies.

In terms of their events, the members of the Netherlands Business Council regularly call them for their 30 and more annual events, their members involve entrepreneurs, managers, and executives from different companies.

Moving Forward

The Netherland Business Council aims to provide their members the platform to network, encourage and to promote their business on similar businessmen as well as business councils within the Netherlands and the GCC region.’

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