Mohamed Dekkak with the H.E Governer Samir Layazidi inauguration project Tafraout
Mohamed Dekkak with the H.E Governer Samir Layazidi inauguration project Tafraout

New Arab Foundation: In 1961, U.S. President John Kennedy helped to found the Peace Corps; its mission is to promote world peace. Through the Peace Corps, he looked to energize shared comprehension amongst Americans and individuals of different countries and societies. With the extension of Communism all through the world, Kennedy trusted that sending American citizens to Third-World nations would eradicate any contrary pictures of America, make a constructive reputation, keep the development of socialism. In interest for smart solutions and also military alternatives, Kennedy trusted his endeavors to set up the Peace Corps would be a result in settling pressures between the U.S. also, other outside nations.

The Peace Corps is a service opportunity for persuaded change-makers to drench themselves in a community abroad, working next to each other with neighborhood pioneers to handle the most squeezing difficulties of generation.

For the New Arab Foundation, this message of peace motivated the founders to create its own “Peace Corps,” designating it Arab Peace Corps. The motivation behind it is to find creative answers to address the difficulties confronting the Arab World. Its motivation is to break the negative into a positive, self-strengthening commitment to greater benefit. It plans to give chances to gifted and inspired youth to channel their energies and eagerness into extraordinary community benefit. This service won’t just have a constructive outcome in those communities, yet will also furnish the youth themselves with significant abilities and beneficial experience. The New Arab Foundation through its first activity the Arab Peace Corps designs and means to change all that. Challenging youth to contribute to community development and to contribute to the future to surpass the past.

Arab Peace Corps’ Primary Mission

The Arab Peace Corps’ mission is similar to Kennedy’s idea of promoting peace but goes further in stating it wants to break the negativity within susceptible youth that “terrorists” use to fight against what these children are allegedly suffering from.  In most cases, they are used in a highly-publicized battle with the end goal to recruit even younger susceptible minds.

Arab Peace Corps’ mission is to work toward developing advancement programs that help the less fortunate Arab communities throughout the world including the U.S., Canada, and Europe. It begins by instilling positive self-worth and changing the youth’s outlook, as this will help them feel more connected to their community and country.

The Corps is a voluntary service of two years of Arabians wherever they are in the world. Arab Peace Corps volunteers can be high school graduates or retirees that will help in the construction and reconstruction of torn apart or underfunded communities in the following areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Instructional exercise
  • Medical care
  • Small commercial ventures
  • Tutoring programs

Volunteering in the Arab Peace Corps is not just having a beneficial outcome for Arab communities; it’s about providing Arab people a sense of self-worth that can lead to positive life experiences and capabilities.

Significance Of The Arab Peace Corps in Arab World

  • Arab nations are volatile when it comes to conformity, an altercation that has not been seen since the colonial days; countries will no longer endure the imbalance from inside and outside forces anymore.
  • To change adverse perspective – no jobs, no education – in which the younger generation usually see no prospects and are destined to a life with extremists groups.
  • Continued commitment and new ways of thinking can help society with its needs; changing the outlook youth have on life to something that benefits others in a positive way and gives them a sense of pride and accomplishments.
  • Aim to inspire Arabs to become a role model by making positive contributions that affect the younger generation’s outlook on life while reconnecting communities and social order; ensuring financial improvement, sound government, education and other opportunities.

The only way the Arab Peace Corps is going to make a difference is if it’s got the help of those committed to making a difference. The organization is set to assemble the youth – college graduates and skilled professionals alike – to volunteer their services for two years, using their personal situations and experience to serve in the communities of poorer Arab nations.

How Will Arab Peace Corps Volunteers Help Communities

H.E Ahmed Lahlimi Alami H.E Governer Samir Layazidi with Mohamed Dekkak

Arab Peace Corps volunteers will be divided into groups based on their skill set and given a specific set of tasks to help within the communities. Volunteers will prepare for a month before they are sent out into various communities for the next 22 months. What services will they provide?

  • They will offer assistance in educational and job opportunities.
  • They will help foster young minds to boost their self-esteem and weaken radical groups’ exposure on the susceptible youth.
  • Volunteers will help unite communities and boost family relations.

The ultimate goal is to bring groups of people together, working together for a better life, throughout the Middle East and North Africa regions. Volunteer groups will have highly-knowledgeable and skilled professionals to assist them while on “their mission,” offering them coaching and tutoring while also improving their skills.

Volunteers are provided food and lodging and are given a living stipend. Graduate study scholarships are given to any volunteer who finishes their two years of volunteering with the Arab Peace Corps. The Foundation spearheading the Peace Corps works with various entities to provide occupational assistance to people who complete their two-year service.

Imagine if you will the array of professional volunteers from the Arab World – North Africa to Morocco to the Middle East – and from Europe, Australia, and North America. Every one of them is a dedicated professional – healthcare workers, teachers, environmentalists, etc. – a representation of the best things the Arab World has to offer with its values, culture, traditions, and religion.

Now, imagine them throughout the Arab World, helping communities to have access to education, healthcare, jobs, etc. The volunteers focus on the young men and women’s hopes and dream along with disappointments to guide and motivate them to look forward to something positive in their life – how they can build up their communities rather than destroy them such as can happen when they allow radicalism to rule their lives.
The idea is to turn these young men and women into cultural ambassadors for their community. They come back to assist their communities with their newfound knowledge and understanding of the important issues that have a positive and negative effect on the Arab World. They come back with the mind to be a positive influence in their group, society, and community. Their hard work and dedication are then reciprocated by the communities they have come back to, providing them with grants and employment opportunities. It takes time, the communities are then built up by the work the youth volunteers have put in, creating communities that have better services, better security, more jobs, positive youth, and a sense of pride and security.

This is what the New Arab Foundation has brought forth with its Arab Peace Corps – the vision that once embattled communities can become productive societies with peace, love, and understanding – giving the youth reasons to go out and make a positive mark on the world. This is why the Arab Peace Corps is so important, and the Foundation is looking for help in changing how the Arab world is today into something far better.

The New Arab Renaissance starts here.

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