Peace and Tolerance

Peace and Tolerance

The key to Peace and Tolerance Anywhere, Everywhere:

Peace and Tolerance

Tolerance is the advantage of a cultured age. It helps us to put up with those who have diverse traditions and thoughts, distinct philosophies and point of views.

Our ability to tolerate the opinion or behavior other people is the key for living a peaceful life. If we practice patience in our every actions and deed, speech and behavior, it will lead to peace. Otherwise, it would be an atmosphere of disagreement and confusion. In ancient days we had intolerance everywhere. Intolerance means refusal to be just and fair because of being narrow-minded and blind selfishness. It is the result of inflexibility, a certainty that there is only one belief that is right. Without broadmindedness, people waste their energy on pointless arguments.

Man is a social being and has to live in a spirit of harmony and cooperation with others. In this process some amount of giving and take is necessary. So with all these examples, it is crystal clear that tolerance is at the root of the peaceful solution of problems of all kinds. Hence, we have to cultivate the habits of understanding.

How to Promote Peace and Tolerance?

How can one promote peace and tolerance? The first reasonable thing that would probably come to mind is by adopting rules, regulations, laws, and declarations. Just take an example, the General Conference of UNESCO adopted the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance on 16 November 1995.

It must have marked a new chapter in the long evolution of the idea of peace and tolerance, successfully getting it across to every single living being or did it? What if we take a look at it and any other such document from a different perspective, zooming in on just two tiny pieces of the full diversity? Not at the state level but the very grassroots through the eyes of two ordinary representatives of humankind?

Innovative project

Promoting understanding and peace is innovative. We have to remind people why life is beautiful, why they should work together, and why we must help each other. Because it’s not about race, or language, or color, or religion, or who is right and who is wrong, it’s about bringing together our world, healing each other, and embracing diversity, also teaching not to fear but to love, and this in return will give us a new peaceful world.

Acceptance and understanding are the answers to create peace, and this key is the way to implement the values of tolerance, through various means. For instance:

  • Education: As the great Nelson Mandela said and I quote “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” With an educational system, we can inspire the future generation to live in peace, and they may pass on this idea to their children. Especially in primary school, if children are taught about this continually, there is more chance that the lesson will stick to their minds, and maybe inspire them to do more for their communities and spread peace in the process.
  • Law: Laws should be fair to everyone, for white, black, Muslim, Christian. Because the law is above all of us, and the justice must consist of all the judgment, and look at people in equal.
  • Media: Nowadays, media is so powerful, because of it the world becomes a small village, and through it (TV show, news, programs) it will be easier to spread the idea of tolerance and peace and to sow as fast as possible these values in viewer’s hearts.


How the UAE actively promotes peace and tolerance with coexistence:

UAE is a role model for tolerance, coexistence, and understanding. Its leaders always exert their efforts intended to achieve good communication among all residents and fostering principles of cooperation, love, and peace across the Arab World and the world at large.

The United Arab Emirates selected a Minister of State for Tolerance. The Ministry opened the National Tolerance Program and implemented the Anti-discrimination law as a part of the program.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai have launched the National Tolerance Program. The values of tolerance, fairness, and respect for others in UAE are recognized. The program includes cooperating with ministries in five central themes. These are:

  • Solidify the management’s responsibility to promote peace and tolerance
  • Making the family responsible for nation building, fostering peace and understanding among youth and teaching them away from extremism
  • Improving scientific and cultural matters
  • Incorporating global efforts to promote peace and tolerance
  • The program set up a Council of Tolerance which will cultivate rules to foster peace and tolerance locally, regionally and globally.

Everyone is encouraged to support the Peace and Tolerance Program, which the Cabinet members called as a first of its kind globally. A UAE Ministry of Tolerance, Coexistence, and Peace is set up, fostering respect for social diversity and refusing violence, radicalism, and discrimination. The anti-discriminatory law is implemented strictly in the UAE which prohibits everyone similar from discerning against anybody on the grounds of caste, creed, culture or religion.


Tolerance is still a rare occurrence in many nations, which don’t believe in diversity. All people are different in everything even if they live in one country.

The societies that manage the differences has succeeded to popularize values of tolerance and peace among people. Promoting these characters has only been achieved in developed and civilized societies that emerged from the time of myth to the time of science and modernity.

To sum up, there is no life and no dignity without freedom, and there is no freedom without peace, and there is no peace without tolerance and no tolerance without accepting the other.

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