Adgeco Group

Adgeco Group

Who We Are? Adgeco Group is a well established and distinguished Holding Company in the United Arab Emirates, which is founded in 1992 by its Chairman and Founder Mohamed Dekkak which caters to the Middle East and the North Africa (MENA) regions. It is an establishment with experienced professionals and high caliber management in their respective fields… more

Arab Peace Corp

arab peace corp

Motivated by then US President John Kennedy’s Peace Corps, the Arab Peace Corps under the initiative of the New Arab Foundation’s vision and mission is first “to break the negative, strengthening the susceptible youth being used by ‘terrorists’ to battle against what they are told is the reason for their suffering. Eventually, they are most of the… more



Arab World, Latin America, and the Caribbean come together for a sustainable dynamism The Arab world is regarded as an essential, vibrant, fast-pacing region for its abundant capital means, unquestionably essential and rich cultural heritage, and its global energy reserves. The majority of its population is fresh and active, making its mark in the global economy and… more

Ibn Battuta Association


Ibn Battuta Association Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta has been put up to mainly celebrate and continue the legacy of the great Ibn Battuta by means of cultural events. Moroccan Muslim scholar and traveler, Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta, has been known for exploring places called Rihla. His voyage went on for 30 years, going through Islamic… more

New Arab Foundation


About US A fresh idea, not necessarily unique, deserves some merit and consideration. It is at some crucial times of conflicts, war and terrorism and despair that new concepts of peace and development become utterly necessary. That is the thing that has driven the members to focus the energy of Arabs into new beneficial endeavors. They are worried… more

Sahara Spirit Foundation

sahara spirit foundation

Sahara Spirit Foundation firmly believes that everyone has a right for self-dignity. But given the challenges we face in today’s generation, a lot of people are being denied basic human rights. To help shape the lives of those in need, we rally to give everyone fair and equal access to information, social and economic services. Our foundation… more

Union Road Association

Union Road Association

The Union Road Association for Handicaps is a not-for-profit organization driving a global effort to make an awareness of the necessities as well as capacities of individuals with physical disabilities, to advocate the happiness of giving, create universal friendship, and to deliver much needed support to each child, teenager and grown-up on the planet who needs one…. more

Australian Business Council Dubai

Australian Business Council Dubai

On the off chance that you have a business or are working in an organization and might want to work with different individuals from the Australian Business Council Dubai, we can offer assistance! We encourage mutual commercial opportunities between the Gulf and Australasian locales. If this is a focus of your business company, big or small, the… more

Spanish Business Council


The nations in the Middle East and GCC have completely aided from the recapture in surging oil process and world trade as well as the growing movement in the outline of exchange between Europe and Asia. In this regard, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is just one of the countries in the region who has taken advantage… more



AmCham Abu Dhabi boosts UAE’s connectivity and business opportunities for USA and UAE The movement for developing relations between the Unites States of America and the United Arab Emirates has set off in 2012 in the course of a discussion regarding the reinforcement of cooperation between the UAE local companies and those in the USA. The discussion… more