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The business council of Denmark was inaugurated in mid-2004 with the participation of the Director General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dubai, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Mutawee, and the Consul of Denmark, Mr. Thomas Bay.

The Danish Business Council in Dubai (DBCD) is a not-for-profit association which is organized to cultivate a better relationship and connections between companies from Denmark in the UAE and UAE companies. To achieve the organization’s objectives, it set up different conventions and conferences every month, keeping up its website, releasing updates ad newsletters while reinforcing its relations with the Trade Commission of Denmark in Dubai and also with the Royal Consulate General of Denmark. DBCD carry out a series of activities with the intention of enriching business potentials and bringing the Danish businesses to the light.

The organization welcomes individuals and companies who would like to have a better understanding regarding Danish businesses and to build a partnership to different Danish companies in UAE. Being a member of the Council will expand the professional and social networks and also increase the exposure of the members by participating in business related affairs. The networking events combine social, business, and leisure to encourage more members to join the organization. Golf tournaments, gala dinners, wine tasting, and Government and Royal visits are just some of the events that the council is organizing.

The membership is useful to introduce someone’s company and invite up to four business connections in every event to discover more opportunities in the UAE.

With the establishment of the Danish Business Council, Danish entrepreneurs and firms can walk around widespread concerns and business prospects. It plays a significant role as a means for Danish companies considering in putting up their offices, divisions, or presence in the UAE market.

For the past few years, a huge number of emigrants to Dubai has been recorded due to its attractive opportunity of tax-exempt capital and comfortable way of living. Being considered as the commercial capital of the UAE, the emirate of Dubai was formerly a desolate backdrop in the oil-rich region, but is presently a booming city, fascinating thousands of people and opening its doors to new expatriates each month.

According to a study, around eight per cent of the total population of Dubai is Emirati, the remaining account to expats and migrant workers. The development was not only brought by the rich and diverse human resources in Dubai, but it is also caused by the consistent transformation of the Dubai into a sustainable city. This is mostly due to the idealistic governance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum who is the present ruler, and under whose leadership many of the Dubai’s well-known breakthroughs and projects have been carried out. One of the world’s tallest hotel, Burj Al Arab Hotel, the Dubai Mall and the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa are constructed in Dubai.

On the other hand, migrants can both own a property and plot in the emirate that undoubtedly encouraged to induce international investment. Aside from the production of oil, Dubai’s other sources of wealth come from other industries such as financial services, construction, and tourism which produce more job opportunities for expats everywhere in the world.

According to the president of DBCD, the commerce and exchange between Dubai and Denmark have been growing progressively for the past five years, and the inauguration of the council is very timely as there are more than nine hundred recorded Danish people living in the UAE.

The reputation of the UAE as a viable market was acknowledged when the UAE welcomed a Danish business commission led by the Prince of the Kingdom of Denmark, and Minister for Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries at that time. At present, Danish companies who are present in the UAE market especially in Dubai specialize in the oil and construction sectors, maritime industry, food industry, audio-visual, communication, information technology, pharmaceuticals, and retail.

The UAE and the Government of Denmark have entered into an agreement of cooperation on progressing renewable energy and global sustainability. Amplified teamwork is essential in catering to the growing demand for energy and alleviating the undesirable consequences of climate change. The introduction of these challenges would arouse more economic prospects and cooperation with the purpose of drawing in more investments and to encourage the advancement of technology.

The agreements underline and brought up particular opportunities and technology fields where both countries can share their knowledge and develop more clean energy and sustainability projects. Denmark is considered as a front runner for sustainability, producing almost one hundred percent of its energy comes from renewable sources with the integration of green technology products accounting for eleven per cent of the aggregate exports of the country. On the other hand, UAE, which is one of the main exporters of fossil energy, has eagerly incorporated and promoted the use of renewable energy.

With the combined efforts of it members, they are continually helping Danish companies to establish their companies in the UAE and reassuring investment into Denmark from the UAE and vice versa While dynamically endorsing the council to multiply its membership and impact.

The council also helps the beginners in working on their potentials and valuing the traditional legacy of the UAE as many people who are new to UAE are concern about the high cost of living. Furthermore, the education and health benefits in Denmark can be subsidized or free while in Dubai even though there is no tax to be paid; the people are required to spend the huge amount of health, schooling, house rentals and other costs of living.

In spite of this reality, the Danish people in the UAE was not discouraged, and their number has improved gradually. Dubai is very distinctive for the reason that eighty to ninety percent of the people settling in the city has preferred to transfer or to work according to their choice.

The number of Danish emigrants in the UAE suggests that there is an existing motivation to flourish in the city of Dubai while there is a great deal of competition at the same time. The DBCD is encouraging the business people to experience the life in the UAE while being aware of all the-the possibilities, be persevering and ensure that they have enough capital to propel them over for the first few years as their businesses find its stability.

Setting up businesses in Dubai also requires research and understanding about the philosophy, environment, and how things are carried out in Dubai. It is said that establishing a business in the free zone areas is more uncomplicated now yet still utilizes more time and rigid outside these areas. Dubai is the easiest to do business in compared to the other regions in the UAE.

Official Website: http://danishbusinesscouncil.org/