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CFCIM Organization

Managed by a Board of Directors with fifty-two directors coming from different industries who are all elected by the member to lead for 6 years.

The Chief Executive Officer is solely responsible for CFCIM’s operations and staff management. This is set on the concept of strategic orientations identified by the Bureau and the Budget as voted by the members of the Board of Directors.

On the other hand, included in the Commissions and Committee members that are administrators and collaborators performing work of study and centralization on information for the Bureau.

Becoming a Member

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco offers a variety of significant benefits that are enough reason to join CFCIM.

The organizations act much like your business partner who actively looks for business opportunities.

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Morocco supports local and foreign investors in starting a business in Morocco.

The more a member takes part, the more interest he finds himself in, creating a more dynamic environment within the chamber. Becoming a part of the CFCIM enables a member to develop business opportunities by increasing one’s visibility and network expansion and having a chance to affiliate with field experts gaining vital information. Practical solutions and advice were given by professional experts in different fields of marketing, management, communication, tax, logistics, legal matters etc. One may also benefit from special privileges given to members and also a chance to share an expertise.

Events and Exhibitions

The organization has, for thirty years, have organized big professional events such as trade shows and is continuously offering new formats to coincide with client’s needs.

CFCIM develops a list of events per year taking into account prime market trends and companies’ expectations. The organization furthermore offers assistance in advertising, tips, event participation etc.


Among the certifications gathered by CFCIM are Quality Approach – ISO 9001 v2008 Certification for continuous improvement of their Quality Management System. Having been awarded Evaluation ISO 26000, CFCIM has been the first company in Morocco to obtain AFNOR CSR commitment assessed and to acquire a score matching up to 2nd level of the AFAQ 26000.

CFCIM’sHQE Aménagement certification for Berrechid Ecopark project, affirms that the company is taking into consideration the environmental and energy concerns and also the health conditions of occupants eventually creating good progress to everyone.

All financial accounts of the company are reviewed and certified.

Moving forward…

CFCIM’s envisions to increase and maintain the number of members through its valued services and good relationship to companies. It also aims to enhance the products offered to better suit the needs of its members, to play a part in making Morocco as a hub to sub-Saharan Africa, become a reference for French companies to do business in Morocco.

The overall excellence that the chamber aims are grounded on each and every one’s responsibility to the every day’s lives, recognizing values, being service oriented, having an entrepreneurial spirit, competence, camaraderie, ethics and performance.

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