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A fresh idea, not necessarily unique, deserves some merit and consideration. It is at some crucial times of conflicts, war and terrorism and despair that new concepts of peace and development become utterly necessary.

That is the thing that has driven the members to focus the energy of Arabs into new beneficial endeavors. They are worried at the present course of a few countries in the Arab world which he feels is “in intense, big dilemma,” particularly in hotspots like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan and Libya.

He proceeds with: “The Arabs are encountering turmoil and clashes never saw since colonial times, with country states defenseless from within and without. The emergence of military tyranny in the 50s, the Arab-Israeli clash, the Soviet intrusion of Afghanistan (the origin of the “jihadist” development), and the Iran-Iraq War, First and Second Gulf Wars, all these joint events shaped a watershed in the Arab world.

Trillions in fortunes and living were dissuaded from societal development to local and “sectarian” wars, damaging countries and terrorizing the presence of others.”

In the Arab world, the young generation who are unemployed, embarrassed at home, less fortunate with no plan to get away from a hopeless life.

The fresh approach paved a way for the creation of the New Arab Foundation, an association and research organization with a mission to present a road map of achievable objectives toward a New Renaissance for the Arab world.

The New Arab Foundation is a not for profit, non-partisan public policy institute and thinks tank gives administration consulting and puts resources into new and creative thinkers inside the Arab World and in the Diaspora, with the end goal of discovering imaginative answers to meet the difficulties confronting the Arab World.

The New Arab Foundation underlines work that is receptive to the changing and risky conditions and issues confronting the Arab World in the age data economy of the 21st Century. This is a period formed by changing innovation and necessities the Arab World is confronting: education, literacy, medicinal services, public transportation, occupation, country and urban improvement, agriculture, housing, water supply, renewable energy, public safety and security, innovation and technology systems, government transparency and accountability, solid financial institutions, natural protection, renewable resources, national defense, dispersion of wealth and financial opportunities, compromises and conflict resolutions.

The New Arab Foundation likewise exists to address the psychological and social needs following many years of dictatorships, wars and tyrannies by acknowledging the rich qualities of the Arab World as far as ethnicity (Arabs, Amazighs, Kurds, Armenians among others), language, culture, religion (Islam, Christianity and Judaism), and additionally upholding expressions, music, and cultural events to help on facilitating and rebuilding the countries following years of corruption, disregard and dictatorial government.

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The foundation has what it takes to make the future surpass the past with capable experts and skills from around the globe. The Foundation’s primary mission is energized by the indication that every era of citizens should have a life much better than the last. The educational, political, health care systems in the Arab World are battling with the high absence of education rate, high unemployment, no equal opportunity, the smothering bureaucracy that prompts exploitation, ineffectiveness, and hatred, poverty, marginalization, even disregard to rural areas.

The New Arab Foundation is committed to inventive thinking, means and measures to address the adversities that make the Arab World falls behind from being developed. The Arab World needs and requires smart ways to address the financial difficulties confronting nations troubled with local and foreign debts, emerging from inefficiencies, mismanagement, wars, and conflicts, and discover approaches to pay for required public, environmental and social investments. The Arab World is yet to create thorough policies and procedures to face international threats and difficulties.

With substantial sponsorship from benefactors and individuals, the New Arab Foundation tries to put resources into extraordinary people whose capacity to correspond to wide and influential crowds can change the Arab World strategy in vital territories, bringing promising new thoughts, verbal confrontations and answers to the forefront, without ideologically or partisan driven resolutions yet accentuation on financially savvy arrangements, of all shapes and sizes pictures, and fair investigation.

The New Arab Foundation will fill the requirement for consultancy management and think tank skill from around the globe. With so much ability accessible and willing to contribute, we can assemble a global association offering innovative services and aptitude to compete with consultancy management services given by the World Bank, Center for Strategic and International Studies,International Monetary Fund, McKinsey and Company,Booz Allen Hamilton, Accenture, Brookings, Washington Institute, and Crisis Management Group among others.

Having obtained its tax exempt status, the New Arab Foundation is looking for substantial financing from people, organizations and companies for its mission to enlist the best and the brightest of Arab talents from around the globe. It is our plan to set up the office in Washington, DC with arranged regional offices in North Africa and the Arab Gulf.

The New Arab Foundation challenges the minds and talents of our today’s youth, to contribute to life, to building and contribute to the future to do better than the past.

At the New Arab Foundation, we try to set the standards for openness, corporate responsibility, corporate governance, and certainly the conflict of interests. We go past that to guarantee there is no lifetime term for foundation officials by building measures in the bylaws for the limit of terms to stay away from the basic issues numerous Arab or Arab-American associations face, where the founders of publicly funded associations have lifetime tenure. We trust that you as individuals help us keep this dedication by choosing and selecting board individuals who are likewise as dedicated and resolved to sound straightforward corporate administration.

The New Arab Renaissance starts here.