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Sahara Spirit Foundation firmly believes that everyone has a right for self-dignity. But given the challenges we face in today’s generation, a lot of people are being denied basic human rights. To help shape the lives of those in need, we rally to give everyone fair and equal access to information, social and economic services.

Our foundation is an independent and not – profit association with a mission to help transform and uplift the status of our less fortunate brother’s lives and somehow provide a better quality of life.

We recognize the process of connecting effectively. In this way, we work closely with neighboring communities because we believe that sustainable development starts when local people themselves are engaged, urged to take dynamic participation in their particular communities.

Much the same as the Sahara’s sunny desert, the Sahara Spirit Foundation shines its gleams and connects to the poor spirits who need supportive change and help them understand their maximum capacity.

The charity’s approach has been communicated by a consistent emphasis on seeking after quality education, independence and fundamental healthcare services given in a democratic Moroccan society.

Since we realize that our means are insufficient, Sahara Spirit Foundation carefully works together with government and non-government establishments, national and foreign associations, private and public agencies that share our vision.

We endeavor to give a superior state funded education for students, through innovation and by sharing powerful learning tools, bolster better strategies, and elevate the standard of teaching from both teachers and school pioneers. We help programs that recognize modern solutions that can have the capacity to unravel a student’s potential.

To help secure lives, we collaborate with healthcare organizations to bring the medical guide and services. To upgrade the quality of healthcare in key medical facilities, we plan alongside with community-level medical providers and disseminate clean, healthy practices.

To have the capacity to lead sound and fruitful lives, we arranged livelihood plans, campaign awareness, workshops, field works, training and different tools we believe are valuable and which in the end, assist the less fortunate elevate themselves out of destitution and accomplish long-term benefits.

Because of our partners’ hard work and unending support, we furthermore work to develop sound collaboration so effective activities can be created and ideas can be broadly shared.

The way out of scarcity starts when individuals who have fewer assets can gain access to quality medicinal services and better education.

Sahara Spirit encourages the young to be interested in the possibility of going into business. We completely support ladies and young leaders that enable development and excellence.

We take part in events that protect national legacy and embrace the latest aspects of innovation, utilizing social media tools to reach out and communicate globally.

We would like to unite and fortify our civil society. We advocate peaceful dialogues and keen participation by people of various upbringings to set further our democratic principles.

Sahara Spirit Foundation recognizes that education is a universal right and consequently empowers students wherever they may be to have admittance to the method for development, inventiveness, obtaining of information and aptitude and the act of obligation.”

Educators are fundamental to child’s learning. They would like to help their students succeed, yet frequently don’t get the support they need to do as such. The foundation recognizes that fair; in-depth assessments engage instructors to continue learning and progressing within the profession by focusing on their qualities and areas that need to be improved. Teachers, too, deserve continuous learning opportunities, extend support where needed and empower them to team up and share best practices. We’re working with school locales across the nation to make more customized, feasible solutions to teacher learning that can be embraced briefly and extensively.

Together with our partners, we’re working with educators to plan materials that help understudies. Teachers should be at the focal point of making and refining educational curriculum and instructional materials that address students’ issues.

Individuals with no home are among the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our general public, regularly requiring an uneven and expensive price to avail of public health services. A comprehensive study presents that support in housing is the best, most financially savvy solution.

The Sahara Spirit Foundation works to make lasting housing a reality for people encountering homelessness in Morocco and African regions. For many years, Sahara Spirit has looked to promote empathetic and practical answers for homelessness.

Sahara Spirit extends its assistance to other non-profit organizations trying to address important issues of interests – education, culture, health and social service – and that fundamentally serve vast demographic and geographic population. In all aspects of subsidizing, the Foundations try to recognize those associations accomplishing differentiated results on different associations attempting comparative endeavors for similar populaces. The Foundations additionally search for proof of sustainability.

The Sahara Spirit Foundation supports programs that offer meaningful projects in arts and sciences, organizing those which empower engagement by young individuals and make an enduring and quantifiable effect. The Foundation additionally supports select projects sustaining and creating artistic ability.

Sahara Spirit helps low-income population have access to medical centers, hospital, and specialized medical institutions. With regards to the shortage of medical professionals to meet the nation’s growing healthcare needs, the Foundation support programs intended to upgrade abilities and increase the quantity of practitioners and educators. The Foundations likewise bolster medical exploration and the improvement of young professionals to make a wide and persevering effect on the country’s health.

Energy has been on all the presence of system mechanisms and tools among others to make our lives easier and more comforting. The foundation will raise awareness on renewable energy and everything associated with it. Sahara Spirit will raise this subject to the common society for better understanding how the renewable saves lives and money.

The Sahara Spirit Foundation supports organizations that handle the bases of chronic poverty by applying compelling solutions for the most difficult social and financial issues. The Foundation organizes supporting projects that have demonstrated successful in encouraging financial freedom and in reinforcing families. Preference is additionally given to programs with the possibility to scale profitable practices keeping in mind the end goal to reach more individuals in need.

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