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The Union Road Association for Handicaps is a not-for-profit organization driving a global effort to make an awareness of the necessities as well as capacities of individuals with physical disabilities, to advocate the happiness of giving, create universal friendship, and to deliver much needed support to each child, teenager and grown-up on the planet who needs one.

We are the visionaries and the doers, enhancing the lives of the people who experience physical limitations. The foundation tries to create meaningful solutions and removes barriers so we can have the world where handicap people can live their full potential and have equal access and opportunities.

We live in a rich society. With young and old individuals. With healthy, sick or handicapped persons. Every individual has something one of a kind, something exceptional about them and is a part of our community with everything from his/her strong points and shortcomings. We want to apply our concept of having a support community.

Therefore, we have summed up in a vision the objectives and work needed which we see as the foundations of our work in social welfare services. Our vision gives us a balance and orientation, and it is a method for imparting what Union Road positions for and passing on to others the future objectives we need to accomplish. The person, with a desire and dream and the privilege to partake in life, shapes the center of our vision because every individual is a person adored by God and having a basic nobility.

We have officially actualized our vision many times by empowering disabled persons to take part in social life. We need to keep actualizing our vision in this way. Our vision is all the while a motivating force and impulse for our activity.

Union Road is committed to creating a more reasonable world for individuals with disabilities. We will extend our support at every stage of life.

The Union Road Association for Handicaps sees the world where individuals with physical limitation have equal chances to excel at school, at work, and in their communities. Every day, we come to a step closer to making that happen. Our programs and services address the most important needs of individuals with physical disabilities. We change lives—ending barriers, challenging false impressions and expanding on possibilities.

Every donation extends financial assistance on our mission to give mobility to a man in need. We also act as a bridge that joins the community of persons with disabilities with our families, friends, colleagues, schools, amplifying a strong voice for change. The handicap group is very big and incredibly varied. When we stand united on any issue, we have the ability to make the enduring change. A little start can fire up extraordinary results.

Union Road advocates for policies that guarantee individuals with disabilities have access to affordable home and long-term services that empower individuals to be incorporated into the community.

Union Road Association for Handicaps will advocate policies that guarantee that individuals with physical disabilities that transportation will be made available and affordable. Furthermore, the foundation advocates for policies that innovation, and that guarantees this technology could bolster individuals with handicaps to live independently.

Education is part of the foundation Union Road’s objectives of full cooperation, free living, financial independence, and equal opportunities. The association is focused on elevating access to education from preschool through post-graduate work. We take a full approach to deal with access to education, including advocacy, collaboration with educational establishments, and projects intended to break down what hinders to education.

Union Road is focused on guaranteeing that all individuals with disabilities have the privilege to equal opportunity, to be financially independent, and to be paid and save without imperiling access to the services and supports that permit them to live and work independently.

Access to quality, inexpensive medicinal services is the basis of a free, independent life. For people with incapacities, who, most of the time need healthcare services, access to medical insurance is vital.The association underpins quality physical and mental wellness that is available, reasonable, community-based and responsive to handicaps special needs.

A lot of people with disabilities gain from long-term medical care and support programs. These programs give medical care, kits such as personal care and other services. The Union Road Association helps these initiatives that benefits millions of people with disabilities. Furthermore, the foundation emphasizes on community-based care that will encourage participation in the work force.

We monitor and are for reform on health care laws, policy and legislation on health information technology, as well as proposals on state funding for long-term care. Union Road campaigns for equal access to transportation for disabled individuals, including pushing a better access to public transportation and huge investment in available travel choices and transit-oriented improvement.

Union Road will support procedures that promote the improvement of universally designed technology that ensures inexpensive access to that technology and will ultimately help handicaps to live independently.

Our association has always depended entirely upon private donations and pledges to support our work. Our staff is made up of many volunteers – companions, understudies, and professionals, who share their time and their ability while they learn and encounter the value of other-abled adults.

Healthy or not, disabled or not — we are committed at Union Road that all persons can live respectively and learn and work in their differences as simply a facet pf life. Our yearning is to offer the best level of self-determinant living to persons who depend on our help and support. Growing the scope of out-patient administrations is in this way one of the basic objectives at Union Road. The people still stay in place, and they offer to numerous handicapped persons an ideal domain for the living, working and just being human.

The Foundation’s purpose for the Handicapped continues as before as it was from the earliest starting point – to give meaningful work to impaired persons who can’t work in the commercial center for compensation given their capacities. The Foundation likewise adds to their prosperity by giving an office where they can build their self-esteem and self-worth, have the chance to work with others, and take part in organized exercises as they assume their position as helpful individuals from society.