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Sahara Spirit Foundation: Contributing to a brighter future: Your self-respect is the right you ought to have, as this is strongly believed by the Sahara spirit foundation. So many people have been refused their rights to have commonly shared values because of the deviance that we face in today’s society. Because we want to help better the lives of those who need help, we come together to provide them with a just and equal means to have information, social services, and economic services. The foundation is an independent and non-profit organization that has as its main objective to change and raise the conditions of the underprivileged lives and in another way give them a better life.

We acknowledge the need to connect. For this reason, we associate alongside the neighboring societies because we have faith that a long-lasting development always commences when the people are involved, advised to take an active role in their various societies. Same as the sunny Sahara desert, the Sahara Spirit Foundation excels in relating to the down-spirited that need help in order to comprehend their full capacity.

The outlook of the charity has been conveyed with the intention to find standard education, independence, and necessary healthcare services that are provided in the Democratic Moroccan communities. Because we know that we have limited resources, the foundation works in collaboration with the government and non-government institutions, both national and foreign organizations, also private and public installations that also have similar aims. 

Sahara Spirits Social Engagements:

We make sure to higher state a paid education for the students; this is done through transformation and also by sharing kits for learning, supporting good methods, and improving on the standard of teaching from both the teachers and the discoverer. We assist in programs with the vision to unleash the true potential of a student using current methods of teaching.

We relate with the healthcare units to provide health guides and services so as to secure lives. Our aim is to provide quality assurance for the major healthcare units. We have as objective to relate with the community-level health units services to give outstanding, health practice. To live a healthy and prosperous life, we modify sustenance, spread awareness, create seminars, fieldwork, and tuition and provide the necessary equipment that we know will help the under-privileged grow away from poverty and earn a long-term profit.

Taking into consideration the hard work and support from our partners, we also work to improve the partnership so productive activities are established and ideas are shared. The solution to scarcity begins when people with fewer benefits still have the means to get quality medical services and improved education. Sahara spirit inspires minors to have an interest in engaging in business. We totally encourage women and future leaders that bring development and hard work. We participate in programs that preserve national heritage and accept the recent transformations using soil media to connect to society worldwide.

We have to integrate and secure our civil communities. We promote pleasant conversations and longing contributions by individuals of many backgrounds to promote our democratic philosophy. This foundation has understood that learning is an obligatory right and it eventually qualifies students worldwide and accepts the kind of development, creativity, gaining of knowledge and talent, and the deed of commitment.

Mohamed Dekkak with camels at Moroccan Sahara Desert

The tools of learning are essential in educating a child. They want to ensure that their students excel, but they usually do not have the necessary requirements that they need to do so. Such a foundation wants a just, comprehensive examination to engage a teacher to always continue studying and advance in the career by paying attention to those values that need improvements. Tutors also need the opportunity to advance their education, give help to those areas that need improvements and advise them to form teams and share their knowledge. We also work with natives from local institutions all over the country to ensure more modified, practical solutions to tutoring and the learning process that is accepted and can be shared.

Teachers are important in a student’s educational life. They assist the students to excel, but they can’t have the kind of help they need to carry out this task. This foundation does that fairly; in addition, try to encourage teachers to continue studies so as improve their methods of teaching and lay emphasis on those sectors that need improvements. Tutors too also need the chance to study too, so it is important to show them some support and encourage the creation groups to share ideas. Together with people of the schools around the country to ensure more modified, quality solutions to tutors to learn practices that are accepted and shared. 

Sahara Spirit Foundation Cares

In collaboration with our associates, we work with teachers to provide materials that support learning. Tutors ought to be the point of interest to make and modify learning techniques and instructional matters that are associated with the problems of the students. The homeless are very much exposed in our today’s society, constantly facing a bumpy and exorbitant price in public health facilities. Studies have proven that providing help with accommodation monetary wise is the most adequate solution.

This foundation operates to create accommodations for those faced with no homes in Morocco and other African countries. For decades, Sahara Spirit has ensured to encourage empathy and possible solutions to the homeless. The foundation also helps in some non-profit organizations that also assist in the educational sector, culture, social and health facilities. And this originally gives a wide demographic and group of people with the intention to reduce cost. This foundation struggles to ensure that the various organizations complete their various task on the different institution’s relative means for the same natives. This foundation also finds evidence of maintenance.

The foundation encourages agendas that provide useful projects about arts and science. Organize projects that support the involvement of young people and make a durable and long-lasting effect. In addition, this foundation picks some projects that sustain and provide talents in arts. The foundation supports the poor to gain entry to medical facilities and other health institutions. In accordance with insufficient medical personnel to take care of the population’s health issues, the organization assures those programs that aim to uplift these capabilities and maximize the number of health personnel and teachers. The organization also encourages the young health personnel to widen and secure the nation’s health.

In order for our lives to be motivational and stable, we need to acknowledge there is liveliness in the energy in the organization. The foundation shall improve this course to the local community to carefully understand that education saves life and money.

This foundation also assists other organizations with the aim of handling the poor by providing answers to the hard social and monetary problems. The foundation usually organizes aiding programs to demonstrate success in supporting the freedom of money of reuniting families. Importance is shown to those projects that can provide proof that they have managed to help people and succeed.

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