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Shams Abu Dhabi, Construction of the Marina and Sea Wall

Project: Shams Island Abu Dhabi Construction of Marina and Sea Walls
Client:  Sorouh Development
Construction Period: 2007-2008
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Description: Seawall Construction – The seawall construction comprises of pre-cast concrete block work (overall height 4.0m) with rock fill behind it. This section of the works covers approx. 2.4 km section of the island along the north and east coastline of the development. The seawall construction is to be carried out in a depth of water ranging between -1.0m to -3.5m NADD. Marina Quay Wall Construction – The Marina is located on the east side of Shams Abu Dhabi development. Quay wall construction comprises pre-cast concrete block work wall (overall height 9.4m) with rock fill behind it. The overall length of the wall is 730m to be constructed in -6.5m NADD depth of water.

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