Simple Ways to Promote Peace and Tolerance in Our World -

Simple Ways to Promote Peace in Our World
Simple Ways to Promote Peace in Our World

Simple Ways to Promote Peace in Our World

Taking into account some unfortunate threatening events happening on some parts of the globe, our minds wander on how we can possibly protect the future of our children and how to have a safe and peaceful world.

Below is a list of 10 simple positive ideas that can heal our broken communities.  These are easy and applicable ways that can be started right at our homes.

  1. Commit yourself to nonviolence. If put in a difficult and confronting situation, try to avoid any fight or use physical force.
  2. Extend some help when you see someone upset, lost or puzzled.
  3. Teach a child how to be kind and calm. The best way to teach our children this is to be a good example. Kids learn and remembers what they see we are doing, how we treat the elders, the homeless and people with disabilities, people who appear different to the child. This way, we teach them tolerance.
  4. When you see any form of injustices and discrimination, speak out. Don’t let fear hold you from voicing out what is just and right.
  5. When your anger is triggered, count to ten before you say anything. Words, when uttered, will never be taken back, so best to think for a better response.
  6. Try to be more compassionate and be more understanding of other people’s feeling.
  7. Being part of a religious community can provide you an opportunity to be able to promote peace through ministries and social programs like charity, medical missions, and gift giving activities.
  8. A great social initiative that will help you build a stronger and more compassionate character is through community volunteering. You can try searching online for organizations looking for volunteers.

One great opportunity is the upcoming travel festival that will be held in Tangier, Morocco on November of this year. The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is looking for local and international volunteers to help out on the programs for the International Festival of Ibn Battuta. The theme of this year’s festival is entitled “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace”. To know more about the event, visit their official website at

  1. Choose a vocation that only brings positive things for our family and community.
  2. A warm smile and “hello” in the street or wherever you are in the world can bring a lot of positive and peaceful vibes.


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