Simple Ways to Promote Peace in Our World

Simple Ways to Promote Peace and Tolerance in Our World

Taking into account some unfortunate threatening events happening on some parts of the globe, our minds wander on how we can protect the future of our children and how to have a safe and peaceful world.

Below is a list of 10 simple definite ideas that can heal our broken communities.  These are accessible and applicable ways that can be started right at our homes.

  1. Commit yourself to nonviolence. If put in a challenging and confronting situation, try to avoid any fight or use physical force.
  2. Extend some help when you see someone upset, lost or puzzled.
  3. Teach a child how to be kind and calm. The best way to teach our children this is to be a good example. Kids learn and remember what they see we are doing, how we treat the elders, the homeless and people with disabilities, people who appear different from the child. This way, we teach them tolerance.
  4. When you see any form of injustices and discrimination, speak out. Don’t let fear hold you from voicing out what is right.
  5. When your anger is triggered, count to ten before you say anything. Words, when uttered, will never be taken back, so best to think for a better response.
  6. Try to be more compassionate and be more understanding of other people’s feeling.
  7. Being part of a religious community can provide you with an opportunity to be able to promote peace through ministries and social programs like charity, medical missions, and gift-giving activities.
  8. A tremendous social initiative that will help you build a stronger and more compassionate character is through community volunteering. You can try searching online for organizations looking for volunteers.
  9. Choose a vocation that only brings positive things for our family and community.
  10. A warm smile and “hello” on the street or wherever you are in the world can bring a lot of positive and peaceful vibes.

Why and how the project is innovative

Peace and Tolerance

There is nothing new under the sun for humanity, but there is always something new to discover for a newcomer. Young hearts that come to life in search of beauty, young minds that make their first clumsy steps in pursuit of the truth, their souls – fragile manifestations of virtue – need nothing but encouragement. They need silence that is overflowing with what they have to learn. They need nourishment other than just for their bodies.

Our project is based on the philosophy of life guided by the ideals of Beauty, Truth, and Virtue, the cornerstones of sensible happiness. We believe that every person can be the Artist of their life – just as they did in the Renaissance – this time, though, rather than harnessing marble, or taming colors, words, and notes, they need to learn how to make their life evolve into a real masterpiece.

This is an ambitious endeavor. It requires a constant presence of delicate guidance and a strong cultural field. But let’s not forget that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, so it should not be too complicated. Quite the contrary, it should breathe hope into the sails of each new explorer of the infinite diversity that is called life! My sister and I are ready to embark on this journey and serve as guides, lighthouses, traveling companions – equals who never stop learning, who never cease to strain for Beauty, Truth, and Virtue. We will be there for the young hearts and minds, nourish their souls, give them inspiration and encouragement all the way through and at the same time keep them in the cultural field full of the best examples of what the human genius has achieved.

The innovation of the project is inside us; we are its innovation and locomotive power. We carry the antidote! It may sound too immodest, but the fact of the matter is that, in effect, we are two particles of the large whole who were lucky enough to have learned to embrace the whole without getting lost in it. We haven’t climbed an ivory tower “to get a better view.” We are still particles, though, with a difference: we can throw light on the beauty, truth, and virtue without slipping into overbearing formalism typical of more massive authoritative formations. Our voices are still likely to be heard by other particles because there is a common ground between us, a common bond, a common origin.

Our approach is to use Art in its broadest sense as the organizing principle behind the central process of evolution of the pillars upon which a person stands – those of Beauty, Truth, and Virtue. Being the quintessence of the three, Art can serve as a fertile medium, and a means at the same time. We shall keep in mind that the concepts of peace and tolerance will necessarily suggest themselves provided that the idea of the whole has been communicated from the perspective of the three pillars without which it is no use taking any efforts at all. Laying this trilateral foundation is essential.

Can Beauty alone promote peace and tolerance? Is Truth equipped to do the job? Will Virtue have the power to do it? If we look closely enough, we will see that it is only with the democratic involvement of the three that the issue may be tackled. None of the three shall take full control; otherwise, the fruit will not ripen. Peace and tolerance can only be promoted by someone who embodies a balanced combination of Beauty, Truth, and Virtue that would be used as sense organs to find a way towards the hearts, minds, and souls of people. Every new person will require a new approach, for there is no one-size-fits-all  method that would go down equally well with everyone. Therefore, innovation goes with the territory being just another way to call the interaction between the participants; it is what the workings of the projects are all about – particles innovating each other to be able to embrace the infinite diversity of the whole.

Mohamed Dekkak

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