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SMILE, because you are in Ait Faska!

Smile is an initiative of the Anouar Association in ait Faska that involves positivity to promote individual and community development.

Through dynamic and interactive conferences and workshops, Anouar Association wants to educate the residents of Ait Faska on different subjects such as communication with the outside world, love and self-esteem, better knowledge and self-confidence, awareness of human potential, emotional balance, positive thinking, and optimism, the law of attraction, dealing with difficult situations, responsibility, and proactivity, setting and achieving goals.

SMILE is an initiative of the Anouar Association, under the leadership of Mohamed Dekkak whose goal is to promote coaching techniques aimed at personal and professional development and fulfillment.

With the help of conferences, training, and other activities, the SMILE initiative will allow the residents of Ait Faska to familiarize themselves with relaxation techniques whose application will help them on a daily basis.

Smile and positivity

According to the President of the Anouar Association, Mohamed Dekkak, smiling is as important to our health and well-being as good nutrition. Because smiling makes you happier, more productive reduces stress, and rejuvenates. But you can’t smile without being positive. Positivity is the practice of being or the tendency to be positive or optimistic in one’s attitude. People who are positive are said to accept the world as it is, but still seem to help recognize hidden opportunities for enjoyable states like relaxation, play, and connection, they always look for the bright side when something unhappy happens and send messages of hope to others.

For Anouar Association, practicing positivity is good for your physical and mental health. The benefits associated with positivity include: increased longevity, protection from chronic stress, increased happiness, a deeper sense of life, greater connection with others, reduced depression, better heart health, and even more. We can also say that smiling is the best medicine there is. Scientists have found that those who smile when they are hurting experience less pain than others.

If we really know how to live, what could be better than starting the day with a smile? Our smile affirms our conscience and our determination to live peacefully and in joy. Perhaps at the beginning, we will need to put a memory aid near our bed to see it when we wake up. But once the habit is established, we can smile when we wake up to start the day gently and with understanding. A smile on our lips nourishes awareness and miraculously calms us. It gives us back the peace we thought we had lost. Our smiles will bring us happiness as well as those around us.

The smile and the others

When you smile, the others in turn smile at you, logically. Try to smile at everyone for a day, you will see the result! A study has shown that a sincere smile towards another person can result in chain reactions, up to 550 smiles in a day. So by smiling, you will make many people happy, who in turn will smile and be happier! When you get to work, how would you like to be received? By cold faces or with the warmth of a smile?

A smile facilitates social interactions of all kinds and is an excellent means of communication. You can listen more easily to a person who is smiling. Listening is essential in communication, if you want to be heard, better smile! We all know the scheme of communication, the non-verbal has much more impact than words, and yet this is what we have the least control over.

The inner smile

The inner smile: it is enough to even think that our smiles benefit from the benefits of the smile. For the oriental people, the smile and its benefits have been known for 5000 years. It was found that a smile guaranteed health, happiness, and longevity. This observation prompted them to practice the inner smile.

Halfway between relaxation and meditation, the inner smile consists first of all in imagining or visualizing a person, a positive situation that puts us in a state of calm. Then, as the name suggests, it consists in smiling inside. You can then smile at any part of your body and feel the benefits. This inner smile allows us to become aware of our body through our feelings, and thus to bring our attention to the present moment. It is particularly indicated for situations of discomfort and low self-esteem.

Anouar Association has set this awareness because it will help the community a lot, if everyone will participate it will bring a huge difference in everyone and in the community as a whole.

In a troubled era, against the backdrop of a global economic and social crisis, in which our benchmarks and our values ​​are weakened by the uncertainty of tomorrow, looking at life with a SMILE is a choice, a courageous, responsible, and voluntary attitude.

In a world where the cult of appearance and image reigns, where it is more important to own than to be yourself, where our value depends on our profitability and not on our real skills and qualities, Mohamed Dekkak believes that this awareness will help us find moments of relaxation and happiness within ourselves.

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