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Students on Global Awareness and Cultural Understanding

Students on Global Awareness and Cultural Understanding
Students on Global Awareness and Cultural Understanding

In today’s generation, there is a growing importance of providing students international experiences.

It is astounding to think that sounds coming from our mouths can be interpreted by the person we are talking to despite the difference of mother tongue showing the complexity of language and communication to humans.

It’s amazing to think that about 4 billion people are bilingual to a certain degree. This is precise because when we are working with other people, we learn about their cultures while discovering new potentials and new ideas. Benefits that would not be realized had we not understand how other people outside our country lives. This is exactly the reason why it is vital for students today to obtain a more meaningful understanding of other countries culture and gain global awareness.

More often than not, students of this generation have possibly traveled outside their respective countries by 16 years old and now have, thanks to technology, easier access to a lot of information through the internet. Despite that, they should still be guided by discovering ideas and issues to acquire many meaningful realizations and world understanding.

This is the reason why cultivating global awareness and international cooperation in student classrooms are advantageous. Schools recognize this importance and are pushing the need to put learning into context. Contextualized learning, done either indoor and outdoor activity such as student exchange, cultural trips, writing a foreign friend, and asking support from foreign language assistants to bring into class something coming from abroad may be provided to students.

Traditional elements of education are now being supplemented by modern and stimulating ways to bring the world into a classroom. Think of social networking, video conference and other technological experience making our interaction with people abroad way easier.

These kinds of initiatives during formative years can lead a student to practice tolerance and become a more rounded individual having seen things from a different perspective thus making informed decisions and adapt useful communication skills. These are great ways to prepare our students for the challenges of the 21st century.

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