Survey Finds Travel Makes You Happier -

Survey Finds Travel Makes You Happier
Survey Finds Travel Makes You Happier

Survey Finds Travel Makes You Happier

If you already have a scheduled trip in the coming days, you are probably happier than you were before you planned the trip.

According to findings of some studies, people who are planning and expecting an approaching trip are likely to feel happier than those who do not have an upcoming trip.

But then, as soon as the trip’s finished, travelers are back to their usual level of happiness until another trip comes up.

Headed by Dr. Jeroen Nawijn of NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in Netherlands, the study presented that travelers reported an increased level of happiness before their trip as to those who do not travel probably because they are expecting a holiday.

The study revealed that many people feel more burst of joy when they begin planning their trip, usually 8 weeks before the actual trip. It also presented that travel showed improvement in one’s health after the trip, where a sound vacation does well for both the heart and soul.

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