Mohamed Dekka and H.E Maya Tissafi

Swiss Business Council

Mohamed Dekka and H.E Maya Tissafi
Mohamed Dekka and H.E Maya Tissafi

Swiss Business Council was inaugurated in 1996 and aims to provide personal and business relations between its members and to elevate social, cultural, and economic ties between Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Since its inauguration, the Swiss Business Council has established branches here in UAE with its mission to provide an opportunity to the people of Switzerland and other businesses in the Gulf. To chase and share the common interest of activities, to deliberate and discuss interest.

Licensed by the UAE Chambers of Commerce & Industry, the Swiss Business Council is a non-profit organization that aims to provide its members a program to liaise with representatives of the government and private sector of the UAE and Switzerland. Swiss Business Council also intends to share a mutual interest between organizations and associations in the UAE by strengthening and evolving contacts, arranging business, social meetings, and other related events.

Interested organizations or individuals may connect and be part of SWISS BUSINESS COUNCIL  by merely filling up the application form at their website. However, it is a prerequisite to have a strong business or cultural relationship with Switzerland to qualify for membership.

Being a member of the Swiss Business Council is an edge for both organizations and individuals as they will have a broad spectrum to explore and expand their businesses. Swiss Business Council has a lot of upcoming calendar events geared up to connect with people to share interests, make discussion and open for possible opportunities and partnerships.


The common question before joining any organization or activities will lead to this: What are the benefits?

Pinning this question, as a company or individual,  you have the right to know what will be the advantages of participating in this organization to yourself as an individual and as well as to your company and how the Swiss Business Council will help companies and individuals find their interests and activities to build and expand their business.

Having all these questions, members of the Swiss Business Council can have the benefits of promoting their companies here in the UAE or in Switzerland. Another benefit that the Swiss Business Council offers to its members is they give the Privileged price in Swiss Business Council member hotels in the UAE and provides great deals of Discount Program, giving selected offers from a growing number of partners in SWISS BUSINESS COUNCIL Abu Dhabi. Aside from this, they invite guest speakers to discuss relevant themes for members living and working in the country. Additionally, Members can also have assistance from the council for establishing or operating business-related matters in the Gulf.

As a member of the Swiss Business Council, it gives a wide range of the network to help build connections for businesses. The council members are being notified if there is a cultural and promotional activity in the UAE and received as well the updates and newsletters covering business. Attending an event helps companies or individuals build a relationship with the future partnership. It also opens up opportunities to do business with various business groups.

Furthermore, a member of the Swiss Business Council can have the opportunity to be a sponsor. A member can sponsor an event to help the communities and promote their business. It also opens doors for collaborations with other business groups and can serve as a long-term partnership.

Indeed being part of the Swiss Business Council can provide a lot of opportunities and advantages whether for individuals or for companies. They open doors to people to interact, provides network, and give each and everyone the chance to discuss their interest, share their experiences and expertise.

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