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Why Travel with Your Family

Spending some quality time with your family during your travels always create fond memories. If work has put your life on hold and has not traveled with your family for a very long time, here are some reasons we would…
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Why Travel Young

If you are in your twenties, healthy, fit and would like to learn and become a better person, go on a journey, see the world and travel. Discover how other people go on their day to day life, and learn…
Common Qualities of Travelers

9 Common Qualities of Travelers

When you have tried an array of international cuisines, interact with diverse cultures, have explored the many metro and wilderness, have observed the many differences and similarities, you tend to develop your personality as well. You transform into a better…
Travel for a Better Place

On Travel and Life Changes

Some of the biggest issues concerning solo travel include these fear factors: fear of not being safe, scared, of being left alone and lonely. The truth is, fear holds many people back. It holds them back from their dreams and…
Survey Finds Travel Makes You Happier

Survey Finds Travel Makes You Happier

If you already have a scheduled trip in the coming days, you are probably happier than you were before you planned the trip. According to the findings of some studies, people who are planning and expecting an approaching trip are…
Travel Learn and Share

Travel, Learn and Share

  According to St. Augustine, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Traveling is like a school, set outside the comforts of the four corners of your classroom. The world is waiting…
Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance to Our Children

Remembering the International Day for Tolerance means spending a time to understand, respect and acknowledge the social, religious and cultural rights of other people. We take a moment to reflect and discuss the harmful effects of intolerance. During this annual…
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