Tangier, Meeting Point for Tolerance -

Tangier, Meeting Point for Tolerance
Tangier, Meeting Point for Tolerance

Tangier, Meeting Point for Tolerance

Given the long tradition of religious freedom in the Kingdom of Morocco, the time honored presence of the Jewish community is very much evident in the country. At present, the community exists to confirm the importance of a multi-cultural society that King Mohammed VI encourages.

The Morocco king’s strategic resolve was to present democratic reforms and streamline the legal system so the country can progress to become an inclusive and inter-religious society.

Together with Morocco’s tradition of openness and tolerance, the country’s government sworn to protect the rights of religious minorities within the kingdom.

In particular, Tangier is a melting pot of cultures and global influences. It’s easy access and scenic beauty – old medina, beaches, cafes have captivated foreign travelers and international artists. Its strategic location being a meeting point between Europe, Africa, and Arab world makes up a great site of tolerance of varied multicultural communities.

Tangier is, in fact, the home of the first American diplomatic public property beyond the border of the U.S. since Morocco was the first country to acknowledge America’s independence in 1777. It is now a museum that showcases several art pieces, photos presenting the long relationship between Moroccans and Americans.

A city like no other. Tangier is African, European, Berber and Arab. It is an Islamic Kingdom where mosques, Roman Catholic Archdiocese, Anglican churches and synagogues coexist. It is in this very concept of unity and tolerance that inspired the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta to organize the 2nd Edition of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta under the theme “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace.”

Other than being a meeting point, Tangier is this year’s host city for the festivity. Moreover, it is also the homeland of the renowned world traveler Ibn Battuta whose ideals is to promote the culture of traveling to spread peace, tolerance, universal values and understanding between different races.

The organizing committee is inviting all travel enthusiasts and professionals to be one in celebration on November 9-12, 2017 at the city of Tangier, Morocco. It will be a 4-day festive social and informational activities on the legacy of Ibn Battuta and the many benefits of travel to attaining global peace.


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