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Teaching Tolerance
Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance

Remembering the International Day for Tolerance means spending a time to understand, respect and acknowledge the social, religious and cultural rights of other people. We take a moment to reflect and discuss the harmful effects of intolerance.

During this annual observance, school teachers use the theme to let the students tackle the issues concerning tolerance and non-violence. They use educational materials, flyers, broadsheets to spread awareness on the value of tolerance. Engaging activities such as storytelling and dialogues also fill the social gap.


It all Starts at Home

Many parents accept the fact that we have a very diverse community. While some who had not much exposure to different culture may seem to be more hesitant of other people. But today, children have more exposure due to a more diverse group of friends in school or other organizations compared to the time of their parents from years ago.

Keeping this in mind, parents today should teach their children as young as possible how to live and work in a more diverse community. To learn and let them play with other kids from other countries is a subtle way of teaching them tolerance. Discuss to them the importance of being a person who is open to differences opens more opportunities in life.

Instil in them the value of being open-minded and respect as the success of a person is also dependable on his childhood experiences. So be a good role model and start exposing them to other cultures while still young so they appreciate the differences this world has to offer. Travel with them when visiting other countries and let them interact with local kids.


Learn more about the spirit of tolerance in the upcoming second edition of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta happening on 9 to 12 of November 2017 at the city of Tangier in the Kingdom of Morocco. The event is organized by the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta with this year’s theme, “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace and Tolerance.” To know more about this travel and cultural festival, visit http://ibnbattuta.ma/.


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