Ten Reasons for attending the International Festival of Ibn Battuta -

Ten Reasons for attending the International Festival of Ibn Battuta
Ten Reasons for attending the International Festival of Ibn Battuta

Ten Reasons for attending the International Festival of Ibn Battuta


This 2017, the travel community will experience a one of a kind festival to be staged in the beautiful city of Tangier. The relation of travel and culture depicts the best artistic heritage of the region. The purpose behind celebrating this kind of festival is to encourage people from all parts of the world to learn the culture of travel. Here are ten important reasons why you should experience the second International Festival of Ibn Battuta

1.     Discovery and Travel Experience

Ibn Battuta’s travel experience will be presented through social activities. Visitors who know less about Ibn Battuta, the culture and heritage of the area and other nations will develop a deeper understanding through this festival.

2.     Street Art

Tangier and its walls will be painted with various Ibn Battuta interpretations, displaying his devotion to the world. The Morrocan Association of Ibn Battuta will showcase the work of world-renowned writers, artists, and travelers. Art graffiti will be displayed to show artist’s paint interpretation on travel.

3.     Carnival

The beautifully arranged carnival will pass through the streets of Tangier. The participation of young people from different schools will make it the best experience. People who are fond of traveling will get a chance to know about the great travelers in history and their experiences. This art carnival will help people to understand and learn things through a completely different perspective.

4.     Art Exhibition

Many paintings related to the travel and experiences of great travelers in history will spike more interest in the festival. People of the world are living in many different regions, but the heritage, art, and culture can increase peace and harmony among them. Ibn Battuta’s experience through traveling is inevitable for the art lovers.

5.     Conferences

There will be scheduled conferences on topics relating to travel literature, geography and much more. It will also spread the knowledge about the character of Ibn Battuta as a significant world traveler.

6.     Film Showing

Various travel movies will be shown on a big screen on an outdoor setup.

7.     Theatrical Plays

Inspired by the life of Ibn Battuta, watch his story presented live on theater stage by invited stage performers.

8.     Cultural and Musical Shows

This will be a colorful showcase of international talents presented through music and live performances.

9.     Volunteer Experience

Artists and volunteers will participate in the exchange of cultural activities. Volunteers are also doing their best to bring artists, lecturers, bloggers and media people to attend this event. Volunteers coming from different parts of the world are helping out in planning and executing the said event.

10. Discover the Heritage of Morocco

Travel and discover the beautiful city of Tangier and why many famous personalities fell in love with the city and have made Tangier their home. Tangier’s richness of culture and a long history of tolerance has fostered a diverse community of immigrants’ like Henry Matisse, Truman Capote, Malcolm Forbes, Yves Saint-Laurent Jane and Paul Bowles and many others.

This four-day festival will have people from all over the world. According to cultural theorists, such events are always helpful for promoting connections of different people from various countries. It is also helpful in increase peace and tolerance among them. To know more about this event, visit http://ibnbattuta.ma/


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