The Richness of Travel -

The Richness of Travel

There is a saying, “Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

Travel offers you things you cannot buy, like memories. It’s something you can’t buy with money – the feeling and the time you spent some place new, doing an activity that is so new to you, giving you your life’s firsts.

Travel also lets you grow as a person. When after tiring days from work and you decided to unwind, unplug from all things keeping your mind busy, you are giving yourself a time to recharge. So you get back to work as a better, more energized person with a clearer mindset.

When doing a solo travel, people get scared for you. But traveling lets you meet kind people who will restore your belief in humanity. You also learn to trust. Trust other people and trust yourself.

When on the road, there will be challenges you have to face. Fears you need to conquer, you have to push yourself to your limit because it will put your life into much better perspective. You’ll never know your boundaries until you learn to face your fears.

Being able to travel satisfies your curiosity on so many things about the world. It lets you embrace the offerings on the other side of the world and you begin to understand how things work and why. You now see things through their eyes.

Self-confidence can also be gained when traveling most especially if you travel alone. And because you need to face your fears, you get back home much braver than before. You become a better version of yourself.

Going places also makes you realize how much luck you have. You see the many realities that life gives.

Traveling gives you happiness. And while only rich people can afford to travel years ago, today, traveling becomes much more pocket-friendly. Even flying in economy class can make you happy and with so much cheaper options online, it’s hard not to give in to that wanderlust.

Traveling is an investment. Why? Because it’s like a real life education – it teaches you much more than school and a 9 to 5 job. It’s an investment no one can take away from you but can share to anybody. When you get old and can no longer travel, it’s those interesting travel stories that you will tell to your grand kids, you share the memories invested in your mind and heart.

This year, a travel festival to be held in Tangier, Morocco will celebrate everything about the richness of travel. Inspired by the legendary Ibn Battuta, the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is gearing up for the second edition of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta on November 9-12, 2017. Travel enthusiasts and professionals are invited to celebrate together with the international travel community.


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