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Timgad Restaurant: Best Moroccan Cuisine in Paris

Timgad Restaurant: Best Moroccan Cuisine in Paris
Timgad Restaurant: Best Moroccan Cuisine in Paris

Immigration, from the Caribbean to the Middle East, has given Paris city a colorful blend of international cuisines.

France, similar to Britain, had an enormous empire once. For the past sixty years, thousands of immigrants from these colonies have made Paris their home, including Moroccans who have gone to great lengths to recreate their country’s dishes. This makes the capital city an ideal place to take on a memorable culinary trip.

Moroccan Food in the Capital City

Traveling to the City of Light is a great chance to take lunch or dinner in any Moroccan restaurant in Paris. The very refined and varied Moroccan food is very much loved by Parisians and the Couscous is one of the favorite dishes of French people.

Even though it had been a challenge for traditional restaurants had to mark their presence to the French palate, they have eventually become a part of France’s daily life. The country’s favorite dish is couscous which is available at least once a week in many school cafeteria.    Fatéma Hal, a chef from Morocco has launched in 1985 the Mansouria restaurant. She has been known internationally as an ambassador of Moroccan cuisine.

Timgad Restaurant

Having an amazing Arabian Nights vibe and lavish Moroccan palace interior decor filled with gold chandeliers, Moorish furniture highlighting lovely and fine crafted stucco, cut with a knife by artisans. Experience the historic splendor and refined architecture of the city with Timgad, an elegant Moroccan restaurant adorned with fine stuccowork.

The Timgad in the 17th district, situated close to Place d’Etoile, is a gem of Moroccan cuisine in Paris. This address is well known with the Parisians set in smart casuals longing for the sun and warmth of the Mediterranean. This small corner of the Orient, which borrows its name from an ancient North African city, is worth the detour for its only decoration.

Diners will sure have an enjoyable meal. Along with quality service over the years, your senses will surely be in for a treat. A small fountain adds charm to the idyllic setting. Of course not to be missed is their best-seller couscous and tagine dishes and the delicate Moroccan pastries. The menu is in tune: a rich selection of couscous (semolina is a rare delicacy), tagines and pastillas

The restaurant offers only the best eastern traditional cuisine: hand-rolled couscous, lamb “mechoui” cooked on a wood fire. Chef Ahmed Laasri of Timgad delights guests with its mix of sweet and savory flavors. There are dozens of couscous to choose from, served in generous amount but also some specialties such as farm chicken skewers grilled with charcoal or almond pigeon tagine.

Timgad is your best Moroccan restaurant in a Paris neighborhood. So if you want to get a taste of Moroccan and North African cuisine, head out to one of Paris’ best dining restaurants at 21 Rue Brunel, 75017 Paris, France.


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