Travel to Build Tolerance in Your Life -

Travel to Build Tolerance in Your Life
Travel to Build Tolerance in Your Life

Travel to Build Tolerance in Your Life

Many individuals still have a hard time being tolerant of others. As a community that co-exists, all of us should continuously learn and adapt to each other. But more importantly, to harness the spirit of tolerance to create healing and meaning to our lives in more ways than we can ever imagine.

Tolerance is the capability to deal with things and situations you don’t usually agree with. Your ability to withstand the “unlikely and uncommon” of things in your life.

Practicing tolerance, though, speaks more about your connection with your self rather than with other people. Your mental and emotional resolve and self-control.

How long can you hold your temper when there are disturbances other people are causing you? Can you deal with the situation with grace and confidence? O would you rather be indifferent and just ignore the situation or person? If there is no chance the person annoying you would change, how do you interact?

These are some concerns that each of us should take a moment to ponder. There are ways to build your tolerance with others, such as taking time to travel. Traveling gives you a moment to know more of yourself and practice tolerance.

Along the journey, a traveler will encounter a lot of different people from so diverse backgrounds. Living in a diverse world, people live and look in so many different ways – different religions, races, nationalities, languages, and lifestyles.

We meet them during our travels – the receptionist, waiters, hotel staff, pilots, tour guides, fellow tourists etc. Sadly, there are still individuals who do not hold a favorable attitude to those who are different from them. Someone who is intolerant to others may find many difficulties during their travel.


It is the goal of the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta to address this concerns and travel with tolerance. On November 9 to 12, 2017, they will hold the second edition of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta to promote the legacy of world renowned traveler Ibn Battuta, his journey and the ideals he believed in. To be held in the city of Tangier, this travel and cultural event will be a celebration of world culture, peace, and unity.

Visit to know how you can participate in the event.


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