Travel Guide to Morocco

Whenever you decide to visit a country or a place, There are certain places that you already decided to visit on your own. Still, some of the extraordinary places you probably don’t know but here we are to make sure that you won’t miss the chance to visit some exotic places in Ait Faska .so here are some places you must visit while you are in Morocco.

The Kasbah of Marrakech:

It is a large district protected with huge walls around it; it is in the southern part of the Medina of Marrakech. This Kasbah of Marrakech is occupied by the royal palace in which king Mohammad VI stays when he visits the city. At the same time, the rest of the city is covered with monuments and buildings that have mind-blowing architecture. It reflects the ancient Moroccan traditions, while the monuments occupying the city display the artwork of human intelligence.

Jemaa el-Fna : 

Jemaa el-Fna means mosque in the Arabic language, and fna means extinction. This is a plaza that dates back to the 11th century. The place is known for its various kinds of things which people perform to entertain the visitors. This is a place where you will find out the people with the most admirable talents. You will see some people dancing while displaying many sorts of traditions. There are some people whom we can call snakes whispered as they play with the venomous snakes in such a manner that they won’t even bite. They also handle the snakes like a pro person as if they have a bond with them.

Furthermore, you will be able to get attached to the local customs and culture while being in this plaza. There are many stalls where you can eat the local food, and also you can purchase many of the items you want. You will find everything there which you need.

Majorelle gardens :

If you are a nature lover, then this place is perfect for you. There is not a single garden all over the city that can match up to this artistic one. This garden is fully decorated with cactus, banana, and coconut trees, which give a pleasing and soothing effect to one’s eyes. These gardens are unique and famous because of the extraordinary painter’s painting, whose name was Jacques Majorelle. After hard work for almost four decades, it was possible to portray this garden and arrange its beauty. The garden is very famous for site seeing and relaxing the mind and getting in touch with nature. The garden was first inaugurated in the year 1947. Publically it was accessible a month later, which was very helpful for the funds used in the polishing of the garden of what we see today. Most of all, this garden’s main attraction is the cubist Villa, which is a shed made by the people for the artist and his wife but, unfortunately, they do not live together now as it has been confirmed that the person divorced his wife. The cubist Villa’s blue color is even more attractive just because it’s his favorite color of Moroccan people.

Menara Mall 

It is one of the largest malls in Marrakech, which was constructed and inaugurated in June 2015. The mall has two floors. One is dedicated to the kids only, also known as the “Kidz or Kids zone.”The total area of the mall is 50,000 square meters. This mall is the best place for you if you are having your kids along with you. The place will give your kids a great time while making you happy as you see them playing in joy.

Mohammad VI Avenue: 

As the name implies, it is named after king Mohammad VI. It is the major attraction in Marrakech city. This niche is full of residential buildings as well as it has many luxury hotels. In this avenue, you will find out the largest nightclub in Africa. So there is nothing to worry about if you are in the mood for a pub hoping. Mohammad VI Avenue offers two high fi cinemas, i.e., Le Colisee a Gueliz and Cinema Rif.

Marrakech Museum: 

It is a historical place located right between the center of the city. Museum has a noticeable architecture and has many of the historical items from the past, showing the old Moroccan culture. It has the items collected from the different parts of Morocco that reflect the popularity of different country areas, for example, perfumes, carpets, jewelry, etc.

After the places, you should visit while in Ait Faska, we shall provide you with the best hotels to check in.

Sofitel Marrakech Palais imperial

This is a family hotel within walking distance from the Bab El Djedid, Mohammad VI Avenue, and Menara mall. This hotel has three restaurants attached. It also comprises a swimming pool as well as a massage center. Rooms are clean and tidy well as the service is also up to the mark, you will feel at home. This hotel has free wifi and valet parking. Sofitel Marrakech Palais imperial hotel has 190 rooms in total with 24-hour free room service. All of the staff can understand

English so there will be no problem in communicating with them. The hotel also comprises a nightclub as well as a mini-bar. In addition to wide Led TVs in the rooms, you can have hot and cold water anytime.

Salman Marrakech

This is also a family hotel located near the airport and the Agadel gardens. In addition to three restaurants, the hotel has three pools that are located outside from the residing area but within the premises of the hotel. This hotel lacks valet parking, but it has free parking. If you have a vehicle to park in, then there will not be any trouble. The hotel takes care of that. Besides the bar inside the hotel, there is a gymnasium and a bar along with the pool. If you are a fitness lover and don’t want to lose your shape while traveling, this hotel can be a good spot for you to check in. The hotel also has a child care service that can take your child if you are going outside for some work or don’t want to take them out with you; the hotel staff will take care of them for you. This hotel has 60 rooms that are sound and lightproof. If you want to sleep free of noises and you are in the habit of sleeping in the dark, this hotel is meant for you. There is a free internet service all over the hotel as if you want to be connected to your family back to your home country.

Sofitel Marrakech Lounge and spa

This hotel is also famous for the people who want to have some relaxation feeling while in their residence. Sofitel Marrakech Lounge and spa has a built-in spa center and a massage center. This hotel is located within walking distance from Casino de Marrakech on Muhammad VI Avenue. The hotel also comprises 5 restaurants attached to it. You can dine whenever you feel hungry or want to sit back and relax; there are good restaurant options you can dine in. The hotel also has a swimming pool along with a laundry service, which you can use anytime. The hotel consists of 160 sound and light-proof rooms. In addition to these qualities, rooms also have LED TVs and USB and portable device data players. You can always rejoice with your favorite movies stored on your USB device if you are getting more at any time.

Fairmont royal palm Marrakech: 

The hotel is in the mountains 10 km west of the Oasiria water park. The hotel has 4 connected restaurants in addition to 3 swimming pools. The hotel has 135 rooms differently planned and decorated. Some are family suits while others are twin beds or master beds so that you can choose any of them according to your needs. Wifi facility is also available within the premises of the tavern. In addition to laundry services, there is a fully functional spa and massage center where you can go into or can call the help desk to avail this offer in your room. Unlike most of the other hotels, pets are allowed here except wild pets like snakes, lions, or iguanas, etc., as they can go rouge at any time and can harm the others. The staff all over the hotel can communicate in the English language.

Hotel and Ryads Barriere le Naoura. 

It is a five-star hotel having 86 peaceful rooms with two restaurants connected to it. The hotel is located in Medina of Marrakech city. It has free wifi service all over the place and also has its two mini bars where one can sit and relax while having one favorite drink. The hotel also has its gymnasium where you can have some relaxing time. Rooms are decorated with different types of color schemes with mounted Led TVs on the walls.

Private occupancies

In addition to the luxurious hotels and resorts, there are some other places where you can stay during your journey in the different cities, like Casablanca, Marrakech, Fes, Tangier, etc.

There are the locals who need some extra cash, and they also own a house the put an ad on their house for rent. You can always check out some of the available options if you are in Morocco for a long time, let’s say for more than a month or so then these type of houses will be a good option for you as they will cost you much less than the hotels as well as they will provide you a separate home-like feeling.


Whenever you travel to a country first time, you are always concerned that how you will get along to the places, you want to discover but this time there is nothing to worry about because here is the complete travel guide to Marrakech,  where we will provide you the information about the transportation system.

While you are in the city and you want to travel within the city or even outside the city you must consider a taxi. Either the regular taxi or the grand taxi. The regular taxi come in handy while traveling within the city because they have high mobility because they can pass through the traffic easily and also have comparatively less fare but if you want to travel from one city to another, then you should consider the grand taxi because these taxis are larger so that you can carry your luggage and on long routes, they have less fare as well.

Renting a Motorbike  

Taxis are a very good option but if you are short on budget and you also want to discover more and more places in the city you should rent a motorbike. Some franchises can allow you to have their motorbike for some bucks on a daily basis. You can always go for this option as it is easy to discover the narrow allies on a bike within the city. In this way, you can also enjoy sightseeing as well.


Being in a country all alone can be full of concerns, i.e., the fear of getting lost or someone robbing you while you are walking alone in an alley or you are heading towards your hotel, but let us assure you that Morocco is safe country to travel to.

The city has CCTV cameras all over the streets as well as in allies, so there is nothing to worry about. You just have to be cautious all the time, and it’s better to keep your valuables and the passport in the hotel room before leaving. Avoid connecting with the locals too much and refrain by giving personal information to anyone like how much time will you stay in the city?? Or where you are currently staying because some black sheep can con you or can impose a scam on you. Just be vigilant and be relaxed at the same time. If something goes bad, just call the police. They are quick in service and can reach you on the spot no matter wherever you are.


Morocco is a country full of beauty and Moroccan architecture, having a huge wall around it creating a boundary from the outside world. If you are considering a decent place for your vacation for relaxing your mind while being in touch with the Moroccan culture, then you must Visit Morocco, as we have provided you a complete travel guide to Morocco now you will be able to enjoy your stay without worrying.



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