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Travel, Learn and Share


Travel, Learn and Share

Travel, Learn and Share

According to St. Augustine, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Traveling is like a school, set outside the comforts of the four corners of your classroom. The world is waiting for you to learn and discover the many surprises of nature, people, religion and culture. It’s fun, colorful and interactive. Much more, the experience and the learnings are there to stay, building up the strength of your character. Allowing you to be independent, mature and tolerant as you travel the world.

Travel teaches us tolerance. Those who travel far and wide are more tolerant compared to those who just stay in one place for the longest time. People who travel gets the opportunity to see and experience the many cultural diversities the world has to offer. Furthermore, a good chance to gain friends in the international community, thus developing the spirit of tolerance. As time goes, travelers learn to look more on the similarities rather than the differences. They develop open mindedness and learn to look at things at a wider perspective. That is why, it is highly recommended to travel and visit other countries while you still can. Get out of your comfort zone and open your world to a bigger world.

Do not stop travelling, listening and asking.


International Travel Festival

In line with the concept of tolerance and travel, the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta has put up an upcoming event that will feature the many aspects of travel. The Second Edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta is happening on November 9-12, 2017 at the city of Tangier in Morocco. This year’s theme will evolve on “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace.”

A travel and cultural event, the festival will discuss and feature the journey of the Great Ibn Battuta and its significant contributions to the field of travel and literature. Participants, sponsors and volunteers from different parts of the globe will convene on this four day event to celebrate the culture of traveling.


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