When Travel Produces Compassion and Tolerance -

When Travel Produces Compassion and Tolerance
When Travel Produces Compassion and Tolerance

When Travel Produces Compassion and Tolerance

The Life of travel opens your world in ways you can never learn just by reading books. It lets you see first-hand man’s ways of living in many different ways, from cultures, to dress, to food to language, the scenic landscapes – the beautiful diversity of each travel destination.

We end up caring more for the rest of the world. We’d probably less likely to support senseless government foreign policies because we have a deeper understanding of the world.

Travel as far as you could and be an ambassador of peace and tolerance. And while in a foreign soil, don’t be just a tourist, extend a real effort to learn about other cultures.

We all see different realities. So the journey we take also gives us a chance to reflect on our own life journey. When we have experienced other nation’s vulture and people, we start to understand ourselves more. We appreciate our homes even more and get hopeful ideas on what changes we desire for our country.

Consequently, development calls for compromise and this becomes easier if you can empathize. Travel breeds kindness. Learning to connect creates understanding, compassion, and tolerance.

The culture of traveling is definitely not the lone solution for world peace but if travel can help even just a small part of the world to have an intercultural understanding, it can create a massive, sustaining and positive impact on our planet.


A Travel and Cultural Festival

Know more about the importance of travel to attaining a peaceful world at the upcoming celebration in Tangier, Morocco on November 9 until 12, 2017. The Second Edition of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta is celebrating this year’s theme, “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace.”

In memory of the legacy of The Great Ibn Battuta, the event will simultaneously carry out many social activities attended by invited guests, sponsors, and international volunteers. To know more about the International Festival of Ibn Battuta, visit the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta’s official website at http://ibnbattuta.ma/


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