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Travel writer of the year Award “2017”


  • Award: Travel writer of the year Award “2017”
  • Venue: Tangier – Morocco
  • Start Date:18 Apr 2017 11:59 GMT
  • End  Date:29 May 2017 11:59 GMT
  • Prize:$1000 + 6 Nights hotel stay + Flying Ticket to Tangier – Morocco

The Moroccan Association of IBN Battuta is known as the world’s first organization engaged in promoting the world’s great traveler, Ibn Battuta: his journey, his travels and his writings. The Association has long been committed to the encouragement of travel literature.

The association launches a writing competition for ‘Travel Writers of the Year Award 2017.’

This is a reflective travel writing, this is a place where professionals, travel journalist, students can get into the real travel stories inherent in a foreign encounter.

Featured topics:

Participants must select one from the below-mentioned topics. The script must be minimum of 2000 words.

  1. Ibn Battuta
  2. Ibn Battuta route
  3. Ibn Battuta Travel writing


  1. The script must be at least 90% original. Any plagiarism will result in disqualification. Furthermore, the article shall not have been previously exploited or published in any form.
  2. At the sole discretion of the competition committee, the winning entry will be published online and the author grants the right to publish, reproduce, distribute and authorize the publication of the article.
  3. The entire article must be written in the English language.
  4. The entry must be supported by photographs or pictures, drawings or paintings emphasizing the fundamentals of the text, and supporting the essence of the idea.
  5. All final script must be submitted for consideration until before­­­­11:59 GMT on 29 May 2017.
  6. Each participant may submit only one entry. No email inbox message will be considered.
  7. The final article must be uploaded using the form on the official page:
  8. The competition is open to all Travel publisher, writers, and students with editorial ambitions, journalists, professors, and novelists …. Etc.
  9. ELIGIBILITY: The competition may be entered by anyone worldwide who is eighteen years plus.
  10. All entries shall be evaluated by more than 10 judges. The judging committee members are experts on journalism, senior travel specialists, university professors, and business communities from different continents.
  11. The entries will be assessed and shortlisted by the judging panel based on the creativity, structure, peer impact and point of views.
  12. A winning entry, as selected by the judging committee, will be eligible to receive a prize of 1000USD plus 6-night Hotel Room Stay, Flight ticket to the city of Tangier (Morocco). The winner will be distinguished by the appearance on the media during the IBN Battuta International Festival.
  13. Participation to the competition implies acceptance of the above terms and conditions.
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