Vision 2020: Morocco as World Leader in Tourism -

Vision 2020: Morocco as World Leader in Tourism
Vision 2020: Morocco as World Leader in Tourism

Vision 2020: Morocco as World Leader in Tourism

Morocco’s vision to become one of the world’s hottest destination by the year 2020 is moving close to reality after regulatory forms were presented in 2010.

After the country’s Department of Tourism released officially its Vision 2020 along with a formal report to King Mohammed VI, Morocco has crafted extensive reforms to develop Morocco among the top 20 travel destinations by 2020 as well as a good example of sustainability in Mediterranean spots.

Because of the significant value of the tourism sector in the country’s GDP and its importance as the 2nd biggest job provider in Morocco, a broad set of reforms were set up to generate a safe, unique, inexpensive tour experiences for those wanting to travel to Morocco. Changes include concerns on transportation, hotel rank system, tour guides as well as security.

The country’s Ministry of Tourism has carried out 2 key strategies in its effort to supply best value accommodation at an inexpensive price. Further, it puts a huge importance on trying to grow the number of lodging companies for travelers. The result was a notable growth in room capacity, increasing from ninety-seven thousand back in 2001 up more than 230,000 beds by the later part of 2015.

Other than increasing the tourist draw, the Ministry of Tourism likewise carried out a new rank system in 2002 which dictates that it’s mandatory for all tour establishments to have the 3 primary components – rank device, ranking scope and ranking repository. The reform seeks to improve the service quality extended to tourists at the same time raising the competition amongst tour establishments in the national and international level.

The tourism department also aimed reformation in tourist transportation, putting various guidelines for investors. These contain provisions in relation to per vehicles minimum number of passengers, car maintenance, insurance, social service benefits and submitting yearly report activity.

Tour guide services have also received the same government attention. The ministry began an annual training for “Guide of Cities and Tourist Circuits” and “Guides of Natural Spaces.”

This program runs to improve a tour guide’s hospitality and life building skills. The training also enhances one’s interpersonal skills, knowledge of basic culture, a good work ethic, first aid care, etc. Conducted in 2 days, the training began October of 2016 under the guidance of esteemed trainers.

Looking after these amendments, the kingdom has implemented a unique move towards tourist security making it one of the world’s safest during when other Northern African countries have experienced the big drop in tourism because of security concerns.

Morocco has developed as Africa’s top travel destination receiving more than 12 million tourists plus new travel agreements with various countries.

Morocco’s latest agreement with China paved way for a 300% tourists increases, making the kingdom China’s top tourist attraction.


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