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Job Description

“The goal is to create a Community platform that allows the audience to register, create the profile, upload/download their images videos articles, to explore the topic. The audience is working professionals looking for relevant information online. Consider this web publication as an online resource that working professionals can use to access a fairly comprehensive background of the audience profile.

The required elements of the website:

  • Registration: Anyone interested in joining the art community platform will be required to register using their email addresses and will be able to set a password to keep their accounts protected. In case they forget their passwords, they can use frontend password reset and change function. This way, users will never have to access the back end of the website. Admin has the option to auto-approve new users and manual approval.
  • User profile: User can create customized, front-end user profiles. Add unlimited custom fields, Twitter-like verified badges, custom header background and more.
  • Spam: Community must have spam activity detection. If someone violates guideline must be marked as spam automatically.
  • Member directory: There should be directory option with custom search and filter options for the members.
  • Follow/Unfollow: User can follow or unfollow users, all accounts must be verified before being added to the site and user can choose which content to share with your community members and which one to restrict.
  • Responsive Design: Platform should be a fully responsive design. This means that members will enjoy a wonderful browsing experience regardless of the type of device they are using to access the site. It should be fast loading in all speed test tools.
  • Platform Design: Design must be elegant, impressive and eye-catching based on CMS (content management system) so everyone from the team can modify anything as per the requirement. (Copyrighted script or nulled will not be entertained
  • Customizing: The community must have an unlimited CSS ability or theme/skin option. The user can also customize it fully as per his requirement
  • Content restriction: Community lets the user restrict content based on user roles and membership status.
  • Commenting. Users can respond to each other as well as all stuff.
  • Interact: Users must have the option of private conversations, make social connections, create and interact in groups, etc.
  • Pages: User has access to create a separate page in which he can showcase his information.
  • Users can manage their data i.e. images, videos, articles etc.
  • Community platform must be a real-world example that is applicable to the specific topic and can serve as a description for the topic.
  • The platform must cover all the features of the community platform.
  • Must be user-friendly and SEO optimized and there should be the option for the google to make specific things public, making link follow or nofollow by default etc.
  • The Community platform should be long enough to reflect the team’s work to critically engage with their images, videos, articles etc. Additionally, the length is designed to thoroughly present information from the selected data as well as discuss the significance and value of the topic to the audience.


  • Experience of minimum 5 years
  • Similar projects reference satisfaction letter from previous employers or clients must be submitted.
  • For good governance, every CV must be submitted exclusively through this portal.
  • Any other way of submissions will disqualify the candidate.

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