When Travel teaches us Tolerance and Understanding     -

When Travel teaches us tolerance and understanding    
When Travel teaches us tolerance and understanding    

When Travel teaches us tolerance and understanding

Traveling the world on long journeys will eventually open our eyes, change our perspective and will teach us tolerance. It is an effective tool to cultivate relationships from across many countries. World connections are realized when there’s flexibility. Enough patience and maturity that were adapted from the many experiences gathered along the road that teaches a traveler to appreciate and respect unique cultures, customs, and appearances. When a person who travels start to listen, share and work together, he becomes part of a community that grows, despite the difference but in point of fact due to diversity.


Sadly, the world is in dire need of tolerance and understanding. As many of us can observe from the news, there are many conflicts that are happening now in many countries. So the question is, “What can we do?” What actions should we take given the painful events that seem to be out of control? How can we be more compassionate?


Let’s start by connecting, reaching out to one another. We leave our comfort zones and open our hearts to the unfamiliar. We travel.


When we travel to a country with a culture that’s completely different from our own and decide to explore a certain place we tend to avoid, we uncover our preconceived beliefs to what is true and eventually develop an inquisitiveness to know more. We start building relationships with people and breaking down walls that have since separated us from one another. We set aside fear and choose tolerance instead.


It is through this that we acknowledge our differences and celebrate it. Throughout our travel journey we realize that the more we know, the more we don’t know and it’s fine. Humanity is a gift. We need to treasure it to be part of a safe and progressive global community. We only have one home planet, so we might as well get along peacefully.


And therefore, we travel. Because the culture of traveling teaches us tolerance. All we need is an open our heart and a tolerant mind.


Celebrating the culture of traveling in honor a renowned world traveler during pre-modern times, the Moroccan Association is inviting everyone to join on the Second Edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta on November 9-12 2017 in Tangier, Morocco.


To know more about the event, visit their official website at  https://ibnbattuta.ma/


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