Why Travel Young -

Why Travel Young
Why Travel Young

Why Travel Young

If you are in your twenties, healthy, fit and would like to learn and become a better person, go on a journey, see the world and travel. Discover how other people go on their day to day life, and learn from people.

Sadly, for many, traveling is not a possibility due to money and time. For the younger ones, travel can be expensive. For those who have financial capacities, travel conflicts their work and families.


Travel Now or You May Lose the Chance

But if the travel bug bits you, don’t ignore it. This is the moment where mostly the younger generation has this constant desire for adventure. Go on and let the world teach you while you are still young and able. Grab the chance to explore the beauty of our planet and leave your comfort zone.

The benefits and importance of travel are becoming more significant as the world becomes more connected. Therefore, it is vital that we nurture the unity and tolerance amongst the international community.

Your relationship towards mankind and the earth change as years pass by. A 4-year-old kid will most likely not understand completely the story and value of Peru’s Machu Pichu but a young traveler will be amazed at the ancient pyramids of Egypt like a child.

Do not let the borders dictate your cultural views. Accept and understand that there are other communities out there who live a life far different from yours. But just because their culture is different from the norm it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Be reminded that perceptions of what’s correct can be subjective, with large influences due to history and geography.


If you want to gain more insights regarding the world of travel, celebrate along with the international culture and travel community on November 9 to 12, 2017 at the city of Tangier for the Second edition of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta carrying the theme “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace and Tolerance”.


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