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A Vibrant Town Ait Faska Morocco

Morocco is very colorful about its culture, places, and food. It is one of the best places to visit internationally. The people of Morocco are very active in participating in its tourism, and every year millions of people around the globe travel to Morocco to experience the fancy and fantastic colors of food, fabric, architecture, and art. Ait Faska is one of its most beautiful towns. Although the town is small, it has a lot to offer you. 

We would cover everything that you need to know before you plan your tour to Morocco. After reading out the whole article, you would crave to visit this exciting town in Morocco. It has a lot to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. 

Let’s not wait more and go down to explore one of the best towns in the beautiful and festive Morocco

Tourism in Ait Faska:

Ait Faska is a small but very beautiful and exciting town. It attends a large number of tourists every year from around the globe. Life in this small town is very entertaining, and almost all the tourists who come to Morocco tend to visit this place. 

There has been a primary focus on its tourism by its government and the local people. Many people in this town are inclined to earn through tourism. It also makes it more entertaining and facilitating for the tourists. 

The next paragraphs under different headings would help you to discover each and everything which is available for you. Although it has a lot to offer, we have written the best things only to assist you in saving your time and yet doing the best in your short time in Ait Faska.

The weather of Ait Faska:

You might be familiar with the fact that whenever you are planning to visit a new place, the first thing that you must check is the weather. It will help you pack your clothes and footwear. Almost the whole of Morocco has a moderate climate. There isn’t any extreme temperature which may disturb you. 

During the whole year, most of the days are sunny, which makes the tourist enjoy all their days without canceling their outdoor plans. The lowest average temperature in December is 6 degrees, and during the summers, in the months of July and August, the highest average is 36 degrees. 

The best months to visit Ait Faska are September and October. During these months, you are comfortable to wear anything you want to as the temperatures are moderate. Mostly this is the peak time when Ait Faska attends international tourists. 

Things to do in Ait Faska:

Following is the list of the things that you must do while you are in this beautiful and amazing town:

  • Camels ride Palm Groove. 

If you are a nature lover and you are a fan of the sun sets, then there would be no better place for you other than Palm Groove in Ait Faska. You must go there to have a thrilling camel ride in a smooth environment. The sunset at Palm Groove is very famous, and many visitors are gathered here, almost every evening. 

You must go here and see the sunset with some light snacks to nourish your mind and soul. 

  • A full tour of the Desert:

Going to Morocco and missing the Desert is something not possible for the visitors. So, the next best thing to do in this town is a full-day desert tour. The Desert has a combination of advanced and old rides. It has exhilarating bike rides, which makes the tourist experience a fast, thrilling, and dusty ride in the Desert. 

It has incredible food options; Moroccan foods are very famous for their strong and rich taste, so being in a desert and having the traditional Moroccan food would be very exciting and joyful to do. 

  • Anima garden tour: 

The anima garden is one of the most beautiful gardens worldwide. You must go to have a full day picnic over its green grass with trees around it. It has incredible and breathtaking views. 

The garden alone has a lot to offer you. It has preserved the beautiful and artistic works of arts and architecture. Its museums are also very interesting to visit. 

You can make your full-day picnic here without getting bored. In fact, you enjoy every second. Additionally, it has excellent food to serve you at its food corners.

  • Casablanca:

This place has the lights to introduce you to Moroccan culture and its delightful heritage. Almost every tourist who came here has warm and exciting reviews about this place, and they highly recommend visiting Casablanca

It has a lot of tastes that will make your mouth-watering. We recommend you to visit this festive site at night as it would be a better time to enjoy its vibrant environment. 

Best Places to Visit:

Following is the list of the best places that you must visit in this town:

  • Jeema el-Fna Ait Faska:

As we have already mentioned above that Morocco is a very cultural place, and the sites still stick to the old, shiny, and rich colors of their customs and traditions. Jeema el-Fna is a fascinating hub on the central square with a lot to offer. 

This place serves the visitors the best street food, and the cultural dance here gives a festive feeling to all the tourists coming here. The best time to visit this place is in the evenings or at night. This place has a package of being available with all its colors the whole day and the whole night. 

  • Bahia Palace:

Morocco has one of the best pieces of the grand architect. Almost in every city and town, there must be something that will introduce you to its extraordinary work of the architect. To have the experience of a Moroccan architect, you must visit Bahia Palace. 

The walk to its tomb will be a very romantic idea if you are coming here with your couple. The place has beautiful walls to help you with royal photography. 

  • Menara Garden:

If you love water and nature, then you must come here. They are beautiful and embellished botanical gardens, but you must come here for a considerably longer time. It will help you to feel the true essence which is offered by this beautiful place. 

It has the beautiful scenery of the amazing mountains. When the mountains are snow-capped, you feel more excited, and it becomes the best place to enjoy your vacation. 

The place doesn’t have many flowers but it has a number of olive trees, which makes it relaxing and beautiful at the same time. 

  • Majorelle Garden:

This, too, is a botanical garden, and it is spread over a vast area. There are a lot of beautiful, green and tall trees. 

One of the most beautiful things in this garden is the highly blue artistic building, and most tourists are attracted to this site for that. It also has a beautiful fountain to help you with a  refreshing background in your pictures. 

You must spend a lot of time here to look at its beauty deeply. 

  • Le Jardin secret:

This is another amazing option to visit in Morocco and especially in Ait Faska. It is a beautiful complex that has the basis of Islamic traditions. You get to know a lot about the true Islamic traditions, and it also has a café to dine in. 

It has things for you that you can shop for here and the clean and green garden makes it more convincing to visit. 

 Best Hotels to Stay:

The most important thing that you must consider for your vacation is a comfortable place where you would be staying. A luxury stay helps to make your experience more amazing and exciting. Most people try to reach out to the best hotels in order to make their vacation perfect. 

Although the town is small, it still has a lot of options, which is a good thing to know, but they may confuse you. So, we thought that we must help you with the best hotels where you can stay in this town after deep research. You can choose any one of them, and we bet that you won’t regret your decision. 

Following is the list of the best options available for your stay in Ait Faska:

  • Yes, we Camp Hotel:

The first thing that attracts the tourists to this hotel is that they have decorated all the rooms with beautiful and bright colors. Almost every room has a fascinating theme, which makes you feel like your vacation to a large extent. 

It has almost every facility that a tourist may need or demand. All the rooms are air-conditioned and have the best quality beds, mattresses, curtains, and desks. Some of the rooms also have an amazing sitting area, which represents the colors of Moroccan culture. 

It has a very clean environment, and your safety measures are the first priority of its management. 

  • Villa Diaf Johanne Hotel:

This is another very interesting option to stay in Ait Faska. This hotel has the best facilities to offer tourists. The best thing about this magnificent hotel is that it has an outdoor swimming pool. The pool has a very refreshing air to offer you. 

The rooms are air-conditioned, and they are furnished with high-quality stuff to help you with a night of comfortable sleep, and you can enjoy your rest here amazingly. They have a lot of variety in their breakfast, and the customers can enjoy an amazing breakfast party during their stay here. 

  • Palais Amador:

One of the most magnificent and royal residences for a temporary vacation in Ait Faska is Palais Amador. It has a royal infrastructure, and the huge outdoor clean and exciting swimming pool with a tremendous view of the tall palm trees attracts the tourist at their first sight. 

The hotel has almost and everything that a tourist may demand or desire for. Additionally, it has a bar, and the generous staff makes your stay more comfortable.  Staying here would make you feel luxurious. 

Although the prices are a little high, you must experience this place by making your one-night stay here which might be affordable to you. 

  • Ksar Salha Hotel:

Ksar Salha hotel is also a very attractive and comfortable place to stay at. It has a beautiful and clean outdoor swimming pool, which keeps you to have a natural feel. The rooms are air-conditioned and are facilitated with the best services. 

One of the prominent services they provide the customers is that they have a shuttle service, which picks up the guests directly when they land. It helps you stay away from the chaos of booking a taxi, and you reach the hotel after the flight directly. It has received many warming and encouraging reviews from almost all the customers who have stayed here. 

  • Dar tad out Hotel:

     If you want to feel a little more of Moroccan culture, then you must stay here. They are up to date with the new trends in Morocco. The hotel does not have a swimming pool, but still, it has a lot to offer. 

One of the main reasons for staying here is that it has a wonderful restaurant which can serve you a number of dishes three times. The rooms are furnished with the best quality furniture, and all of them are air-conditioned with a free Wi-Fi service day and night. 

The environment of this hotel is very calm, and people feel very peaceful while they are staying here. 


Morocco has a lot to offer you, and especially this beautiful and vibrant town has a lot of options that can make your vacation perfect. It has the best and most amazing places to visit in Morocco.

We have mentioned all the possible things that you need to know about Ait Faska, and we hope that it has convinced you a lot for a vacation in this peaceful town. All the options have been given hereafter going through a lot of reviews by the visitors, and we believe that you won’t regret it after coming here. 

All the places will help you to have the best vacation of your life. 

We wish you luck and welcome you to Ait Faska, Morocco!

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