Honorable Madeleine Albright United States Secretary of State with Mohamed Dekkak Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group
Honorable Madeleine Albright United States Secretary of State with Mohamed Dekkak Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group

American Business Group (AmCham) Abu Dhabi boosts United Arab Emirate’s connectivity and business opportunities for the United States and UAE. In the year 2012, a campaign was launched to further enhance the ties between the USA and the UAE as part of the discussion to reinforce the collaboration between the local companies established in these two countries.

The dialogue was between the Federation of the United Arab Emirates Chambers of Commerce and Industry Chairman, the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) President and the United States Ambassador to the United Arab Emirate. The focus of the meeting was centered on industrial partnership and investment.

In conjunction with the two agencies’ heads, others who are part of the meeting include the Embassy of the United States in the UAE Commercial Counsellor, the American Business Group (AmCham) Chairman, the ADCCI Director General, as well as the Businesses and Communications Sector Director at the Abu Dhabi Chamber.

The ADCCI emphasized that they are devoted to harmonizing and synergizing with the American Business Groups and Councils which were set up in the capital to exploit the contribution of the United States firms in developing the Emirate’s economic plan thereby creating additional business opportunities for the entrepreneurs from the two countries in the process. It had been confirmed that a large division of foreign companies is considering a possibility of developing industrialized projects in Abu Dhabi with the assistance from their associates in the emirate thereby harnessing its strategic position in the Gulf and the advent of new markets in the district.

The coalition of the Abu Dhabi Economic Council and the United States was later brought up by the Abu Dhabi Chamber, the American Chamber in Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development to offer a general platform for the businesses established in the two nations so that they can be empowered and increase trading activity as well as the size of investments between the US and the UAE.

A treaty was signed towards the formation of the Council to further strengthen the ties between the United States and the United Arab Emirates than what it used to be in the time past. The contract also entails the tasks of the new Economic Council which comprises an Executive Committee, Consultative Committee as well as impromptu working coalitions that exist in many commercial segments with but not limited to investment trade, and commerce.

The American Business Group of Abu Dhabi popularly known as AmCham has been working behind the curtain to advocate for business opportunities, investment, and generosity from the United States.  Abu Dhabi’s AmCham exists as an independent, non-profit business coalition consisting of Fortune 500 multinationals, SMEs, and prominent corporate personalities and magnates.

The group called AmCham is not only a member of the international network of American Chambers of Commerce but also an affiliate United State Chamber of Commerce, Washington D.C., AmCham MENA,  Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the US-UAE Business Council.

An Executive Director chairs AmCham and run by its expert team. It comprises a Board of Directors, four officers as well as eleven members at large. A general meeting, as well as strategic planning Conference, is held annually to introduce more developments and maintain the position as a foremost professional organization.

Honorable Joe M Allbaugh, Chairman and CEO of Allbaugh Internati
Honorable Joe M Allbaugh, Chairman and CEO of Allbaugh International Group, LLC and Mohamed Dekkak Chairman of Adgeco Group

The American Business Group arranged the roundtable discussion popularly called AmCham for over 150 foremost business managers, entrepreneurs, researchers and government officials from the heartbeat United Arab Emirates as well as the United States. The assembly discuss about the concerns challenging the investment and trade industry between the two cities pertaining to business procedures, regulations, and policies, with the aim of launching the United States direct overseas investment in Abu Dhabi and the entire United Arab Emirates, not only that; they also aimed to authorize exported merchandises from the United States of America to the Middle East via UAE.

The treaty also highlights the Executive Committee commissions which entail overseeing the progression of the Council, reaching conclusions, and outlining groups and units which are authorized to the declarations of the Council for considerable reflection. Meanwhile, the responsibilities of the Consultative Committee regarding the commission oversee the day-to-day procedures of the Congress, monitoring, guiding and permitting the activities of the staffs, as well as the supplementary group assisting in moving forward and completing the work, in addition to going through the intelligences offered by the supposed groups, and authenticate if the proposed documents are worth sending to the highest Committee for discussion.

AmCham functions as an outstanding meeting point where the senior manager can iron out and rub mind together about the diverse issues affecting the business, its flow as well trade operation between the United States of America and U.A.E. They had proposed a number of relevant Government sustaining programmes, enlightening and networking strategies and custom-made commercial services for benefitting its members. Owing to the continuous strengthening of its members, AmCham Abu Dhabi has been recognized as an American business establishments’ representative in Abu Dhabi.

AmCham pave way for additional business conglomerate prospects for the privately owned companies that are domiciled in Abu Dhabi and the U.A.E to benefit from them to gain from the info and the upbringing of American businesses, mostly those operating in the State, with the aim of fostering their competitiveness and their active participation in the global market.

The United Arab Emirate centre demonstrated a firm stride in the course of economic advancement, via its 2030 Economic Vision, to strengthen their integration into the global economy by creating added prospects and providing motivations and facilities to the private division, residents of UAE and overseas companies to branch out their undertakings, increase their dealings and form deliberate networks with the parallel companies globally.

Concerning Customs Administrative Office located in Abu Dhabi, the

According to the Customs Administrative Office in Abu Dhabi, the total trade between the USA and Abu Dhabi for the past four years had exceeded $14,483,917 US.

In order to improve and reinforce trade and investment that existed between United States of America   and Abu Dhabi, operational  groups like the AmCham will study, analyse and offer suggestions to the US-UAE Economic Council Supervisory Committee to secure economic dealings between the two states as well as proffer  appropriate resolutions highlighted to endow the private sectors in all of their business undertakings in the two countries, by exploiting the available avenues  for investment and trade by indigenous governments of the two countries.

For further information, log on to official website: www.amchamabudhabi.org

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