Live on Purpose

Creating meaning and living for purpose

To live a life with a primary purpose is a key ingredient of happiness. 

Many people around the globe are realizing that they can not get by. A non-rewarding job does not feed the soul. Sometimes we realize that we give the best of ourselves and that it brings us nowhere, although we are good but we don’t feet that kind of satisfaction.

This is where the awareness of the purpose of your life begins. It is good to make a contribution and feel that you’re doing something that will make the world a better place.

Imagine a world where everyone works for the purpose of their lives. Imagine how quickly things could change for the better?

have a meaningful life is a vast subject with as many points of view as individuals. Some people never think about it, while for others it’s a recurring question. If you are the one for whom this is essential, you need to put a strategy in place to access it. Because you are right, happiness flows directly from meaning.

Everything is within us. Happiness, success, sadness, fear, greatness, potential. Absolutely everything lies in you. Your well-being depends on your choices.

So even if you got lost on the way, there are still ways to create and find the meaning of our lives. Redefine the outlines of a life that makes sense to you:


Your heart is the best guide you can meet in life. It is the voice of your soul. It’s your connection to the Universe, to the higher intelligence. It is not always easy to hear, because his messages are mixed with those of your mind.

To help you distinguish them, know that the heart speaks to you with kindness. The mind, for its part, tends to express itself through analysis, judgment or reproach. For simplicity, when you listen to your heart, you feel in harmony, in peace.

You must learn to pay attention to what it tells you and trust it. You can ask the question directly “what do you really want”. Listening to one’s heart is an apprenticeship. It is an encounter with oneself, but it is necessary because it leads us directly to happiness.

  1. LOVE

Even if you’re not always aware of it, it’s all about love in life. Whether to achieve a personal goal, self-confidence or a professional project. To love is the sinequanon condition to reach a life that makes sense. Love has no waiting, no need, unlike the fear that constantly puts you in a state of tension, lack. When you love, everything seems simple accessible and wonderful. Remember time your first love story. You were walking on a little cloud when your lover was with you. You are spirited, energetic, ready to overcome any obstacle. And when the first breakup took place, your life looked like the end of the world, with tears and discouragement.

No partner can bring you the love you need for your well-being. This feeling is not outside, it is in you that you must cultivate it. You are the only one responsible for this mission. But when you strive to fill this need, the magic of your radiance attracts you, others and favorable situations.

This feeling is the key to your freedom. It gives you access to the joy of being totally yourself.
It is in love that you will find the indispensable resources to listen to your deepest needs and above all to act to satisfy them.

Love, feel love, for all these little things that have become invisible but so essential to your fulfillment. The smile of your children, your dog who welcomes you, all these precious moments bring meaning, do not forget to love them.


If your job is not exciting and you can not find meaning in what you do, you have two options:
either you change your perception, focusing your attention on the benefit you bring to the world through your participation, while finding meaning in your activities outside of work
or you move and transform your life
You may feel fear for this second option, but remember that this feeling is the worst advisors. It will make you wake up a day full of regret, not to have dared. Be that as it may, this passion does not have to be linked to your work.

Because the key is to connect to your vibration. To feel the joy, even in the smallest cell of your body. It does not matter what means you use to achieve it. Whether it’s dancing, traveling, reading, gardening, cooking … it’s about being in harmony with your inner nature.

You all have abilities in you, but the difference will be through passion. Because with it, no matter the results, the money, the success, what is essential lies in its accomplishment.

So no matter what path you take, your goal is to find what you are passionate about.


The contribution can take different forms:
– give time to your children
– perform volunteer work
– participate in collaborative projects
– pass on your knowledge or experience

We are all stardust. We all come from the same source. The meaning, therefore, lies in this connection to the world. It is in this way, this sharing that you will feel a total fulfillment.

Material goods will never bring you joy. A scientific study conducted at Harvard highlighted this fact. Students divided into two groups were awarded $ 100 each. People in the first group had to spend that money to please themselves. As for the second group, they had to use it to offer a gift to a loved one. The happiness rate was measured in both groups over several days. I’ll let you guess who won the happiness test.

And at the same time, I imagine you telling me that this pair of shoes, seen in a window, would fill you with happiness. Yes, but it would be ephemeral, these effects would fade. While those of a “good gesture”, done with kindness persist much longer.

Your contribution does not have to be financial. A nice word, a small room, a flower can be that momentum of the heart illuminating your day. The meaning is also hidden in these small actions.

Do your own retrospection, to ask ourselves, who are we, what do we want to become, what are we proud of having achieved in our life; can help us. It is not enough to simply say ” I have no purpose in life ” without trying to find one. Answer these three questions.

Empty yourself, get rid of your thoughts, and respond with sincerity, precision, clarity, and spontaneity. So who are you? What did you do good, what did you like to do in your life? And who do you want to become?

You are now the owner of the main keys for making sense of your life, listen to your heart, love, pursue your passion and contribute.



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